Newly Released Video Shows Kelly Oubre Jr. Returning Home Minutes After Getting Hit By A Car, As Police Begin To Raise Questions Following Lack Of Evidence (VIDEO)

A video of Kelly Oubre Jr. getting home right after being hit by a car has surfaced online following Philadelphia police suggesting the 76ers forward’s recollection of events isn’t all that accurate.

Oubre is set to miss significant time after suffering broken ribs, bruises, and cuts due to what he described as a hit-and-run. However, local authorities are claiming to have reviewed surveillance footage from the area where the player claims he was struck by a vehicle and can’t find anything to corroborate his story.

This has led to fans comparing the NBA player to actor Jussie Smollett.

The cops insist they aren’t suggesting Oubre is lying but believe he may have gotten the location or time wrong as he’s new to the city.

TMZ has since obtained Ring footage of the forward getting to his apartment after the incident. He appears to be in pain as he walks through the door with his bicycle, telling his wife he was just hit by a car before she starts panicking.

Check it out below:

Meanwhile, Sixers head coach Nick Nurse has said he supports his player and believes his injuries were caused by a vehicle as he claims.

“I would not address that,” he told a reporter on Thursday. “I don’t have an answer to that other than I believe what’s been reported so far. “Again, I’m going to believe Kelly at his word and all that stuff and focus on this game and handle things as they come.”

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