New York Jets bite back on cheeky Peyton Manning joke about stadium and Taylor Swift

Peyton Manning tried to be a comedian.

Now the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback is paying the price for swinging and missing on a big stage.

Luke Bryan, left, and Peyton Manning swung and missed at the New York Jets

Luke Bryan, left, and Peyton Manning swung and missed at the New York JetsCredit: Getty

While appearing on a TV broadcast for the Country Music Association awards, Manning set up a joke by asking what the difference is between Taylor Swift and the New York Jets.

One is dating Travis Kelce and cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs?

One is a pop superstar and the other is a team without an offense?

Manning went all in on the CMAs, publicly insulting the Jets while playing off of Swift’s immense popularity.

“Taylor can sell out a stadium?” answered singer Luke Bryan.

“You nailed it,” a smiling Manning said.

He added: “You (did) that punch line, Luke, so I wouldn’t get in trouble.”

The Jets’ official X account, which has 1.3 million followers, bit back to the co-host of the ManningCast.

“What are we talking about Peyton” the Jets casually tweeted not seeing the funny side.

Then they attached a picture to the tweet.

It was an image of a packed MetLife Stadium, including fireworks and a glowing NFL field.

And fans didn’t appreciate the words either.

“Dude set us back 10 years by telling us to hire (Adam) Gase,” a fan tweeted. “With all due respect Peyton, we don’t value your opinion anymore.”

Manning probably wouldn't have made the same joke to Robert Saleh's face

Manning probably wouldn’t have made the same joke to Robert Saleh’s faceCredit: AP
“Peyton became overrated as a funny man when playing and retirement illuminated that,” another fan posted.

“Too bad his MNF show with that other dude is tanking,” tweeted another fan, cracking a better joke than Manning.

Granted, the packed stadium photo the Jets posted was probably snapped before Aaron Rodgers went down just four plays into the 2023 season.

But New York destroyed Manning on Thursday and Eli’s brother will have some explaining to do the next time he covers a Jets game.

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