New Audio Emerges Exposing NBA Ref Scott Foster For Making Comment About Chris Paul’s Son After Ejecting Him During Heated Exchange (VIDEO)

It’s a wonder how the NBA keeps letting Scott Foster officiate games in which Chris Paul is playing.

Maybe Adam Silver secretly loves the drama? But you’d think the league would figure enough is enough by now and keep Foster away from Paul’s games.\

Chris Paul complains after ejection

The Golden State Warriors point guard and the veteran referee went at each other again this past Wednesday, with Paul getting tossed from a contest against the Phoenix Suns nearing halftime after jawing at Foster over what he thought was an incorrect call.

The former Lob City star had a foul called on him after attempting to stop Kevin Durant’s drive to the basket as Foster felt like he illegally impeded KD’s movement.

You can see their exchange here:

“QUESTION: What was Chris Paul upset about that led to the initial discussion?

FOSTER: The foul called against him at 23.5.

QUESTION: Why was Chris Paul assessed the first technical foul?

FOSTER: For unsportsmanlike conduct.

QUESTION: How did Chris Paul escalate the situation to be given a second technical foul, leading to his ejection from the game?

FOSTER: He continued to complain and received a second unsportsmanlike technical foul.

Paul also told reporters that something was said about his son after the game, claiming the league is fully aware of what’s going on between him and Foster.

It’s no secret that there’s no love lost between the two. It’s about time the NBA realizes what everyone else has known for years.

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