Netizens hail Priyanka Chopra’s idea of feminism after Nora Fatehi’s controversial comment

Netizens hail Priyanka Chopra's idea of feminism after Nora Fatehi's controversial comment

Following the viral controversy surrounding Nora Fatehi’s remarks on feminism, social media users have been actively responding to Priyanka Chopra’s perspective on the matter.

Repeatedly, the global icon has emphasized the straightforward definition of feminism, often misunderstood by many. At the Forbes Women’s Summit in 2018, Priyanka articulated her stance, stating that feminism, to her, signifies a woman’s empowerment to make choices without facing judgment.

An Instagram page recently posted this clip, sparking comparisons between Priyanka’s and Nora’s views on feminism.

One commenter suggested, “Nora could use some lessons from Priyanka.” Another praised Priyanka, stating, “We admire classy women; Nora can’t compare.” A third user urged, “Someone, please share this with Nora; this is the essence of feminism.”

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Priyanka Chopra's Idea Of Feminism Impresses Netizens After Nora Fatehi's  Controversial Remarks
In a recent episode of The Ranveer Show, Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi expressed her views on feminism, sparking conversation. She criticized feminism, suggesting it has disrupted societal norms and influenced men negatively. Additionally, she endorsed traditional gender roles, asserting women’s inherent role as nurturers.

Expanding on her perspective, Nora Fatehi remarked that women should pursue employment but within certain limits. She defended her viewpoint as traditional, despite modern society considering it outdated. While supporting women’s rights, she cautioned against radical feminism, which she believes poses risks to society.

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