NBA YoungBoy has responded to Joe Budden after he called him “trash.”

Budden criticized the Baton Rouge rapper’s music during a recent episode of his self-titled podcast, while also claiming YoungBoy’s former label engineered his viral “YB Better” meme.

“That n-gga’s trash,” the former Slaughterhouse rapper said matter-of-factly. “He’s horrible. He is horrible. He is really, really, really, really, really bad. I don’t know him as a person; I’m only speaking about music.

“That thing happened with him where when he was out, the label pushed the button and did some YouTube shit, so then all the little kids had to come to the gathering and tell you about NBA YoungBoy’s views and how great he is.”

He added: “Now that the label’s backed up a bit, and now that we’ve done had about three or four projects while he’s been in Utah on house arrest.”

In response, NBA YoungBoy went off on Joe Budden in a fiery rant, calling him a “pussy ass bitch” and inviting him to pull up on him in Utah.

“The last thing I dropped was Decided 2 — my album’s still in the top 10, pussy ass n-gga!” he said. “Don’t speak on me, I don’t play that shit. Don’t rat on me neither, you pussy bitch!

“You stupid dumb bitch, your dick don’t even get hard no more, clown ass n-gga! Ain’t no sabotaging me, bitch! Fuck wrong with that n-gga, man? Don’t rat on me, bitch.”

He added: “And I don’t want to argue with your bitch ass! Bitch, you do all them interviews — come on Grave Digger Mountain and talk to me n-gga. If you can’t do that, you’re bitch made, n-gga. Shut your fucking mouth!”

NBA YoungBoy’s mentor and collaborator Birdman also hit back at Joe Budden by issuing a stern warning.

“@joebudden you fukin with somethin you should leave alone,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Stunna Corleone Gotti NBarg @neverbrokeagainllc.”

Joe Budden and NBA YoungBoy previously clashed in February after Budden ridiculed the rapper’s “Stop the Violence” campaign.

“I don’t believe one fuckin’ word of any of that shit,” he said. “I laughed every time that shit popped up on my phone in the black and white looking at the fucking snow with the nice clothes on. Get the fuck outta here.”

NBA YoungBoy responded on Instagram, writing: “Tell @joebudden ‘Don’t try this at home,’ who ready?”

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