NBA Fans Were In Stitches After Noticing Something Odd About Bronny James’ Friend On Live TV At Lakers Game (VIDEO)

Fans had plenty to say after a video of Bronny James sitting next to his friend at a Lakers game started doing the rounds online.

Bronny, the son of LeBron James, has embarked on a college basketball career at USC, but he’s still finding time to go watch his dad play. He had a friend with him when the Lakers played the Suns earlier this week and, given that the cameras were on him ever so often, his buddy ended up catching some strays.

Fans would notice something was a bit off with Bronny’s chum, and someone recorded a bit of the broadcast to later post and suggest that the kid was high.

Of course, other fans jumped right on this, especially as Bronny has gone viral for smoking in the past.

You can see some of the best reactions right below:

That’s just the kind of attention you get when you’re the son of the man considered by many to be the Greatest Of All Time who’s also carving out a basketball career for himself. His friends are probably going to have to get used to it too if they plan on being around him a lot.

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