Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Calls Out Reporter Over False Report About Mother Juanita

Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Calls Out Reporter Over False Report About Mother Juanita
Juanita Vanoy and Jasmie Jordan. Credits: Instagram (@mickijae)

Recently, a Chicago-based journalist, Amy Jacobson, posted worrying news about Michael Jordan‘s ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy Jordan. She claimed, in her post on X, that Vanoy was recently carjacked right outside of her house in Chicago, and several things were stolen from her. After a few hours, MJ’s daughter Jasmine took to her Instagram to refute the journalist’s claims and called her out for peddling fake news of such a grave nature.

Jacobson wrote in her tweet, “Juanita Jordan, Michael Jordan’s ex-wife was carjacked outside her home in Chicago. Stolen: Her white Rolls Royce, gun, wallet and keys.”

She also explored the possibility of something no one wants to hear about their loved ones. She wrote, “Can you imagine if she was murdered?” As per her initial report, the police suspected the involvement of two Black men in this alleged crime.

Turns out, Jacobson was just spitballing everything from possibly a wrong source. Jasmine took to her Instagram story and wrote, “It’s trash a** journalists/media outlets that piss me off.”

She also debunked everything that the journalist said in her post. Jasmine wrote, “1. I’m with my mother. 2. She was NOT carjacked and is FINE! 3. She does not live in Chicago anymore, don’t own no damn RR like really? 4. Play with someone else! GTFOH.”

Fans also expressed their concern about Jacobson’s initial post. When she was called out by a fan, she responded with, “Easy there. I too live in Chicago. Jordan’s father was murdered. I’m just saying she is very lucky she survived. I pray for this city.” Fortunately, not only is Vanoy safe but in fact, she is currently vacationing with her kids.

As per her latest Instagram post, only a few hours ago, she is with Jasmine and Marcus in what looks like a backdrop of the Bahamas. Vanoy also got wind of the rumors being spread about her. Sharing a screenshot of Jasmine’s story on IG, she wrote, “When your daughter don’t play ‘bout you!!”

It’s unfortunate that a rumor of this nature was spread in the first place, but the fans, who were worried about Vanoy’s well-being, can be at peace now, knowing that she is safe and with her children.

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