Metro Boomin has seen a lot of Hip Hop trends come and go during his years in the game, but there’s one trend in particular that he’s fed up with.

During a back-and-forth with Nav on social media on Saturday (November 25), the producer said that “fake mysterious shit with artists is ruining the game!! Everybody too cool.”

Metro’s observation was sparked by Nav’s response to a comment Metro made about his YouTube page.

“About to start uploading regularly to my YouTube again like back in the days,” Metro wrote on Twitter/X. “[W]hat type of videos do you guys want?”

“Finally a musician who ain’t trying to be mysterious and shit,” Nav responded after seeing Metro’s post.

Neither Metro or Nav mentioned any specific artists they deemed part of the “fake mysterious” trend. However, it’s notable that at least one prominent artist whose early career could well be described that way, The Weeknd.

The “Blinding Lights” hitmaker has collaborated with Metro several times, with the two even performing together at Coachella. In the early part of his career, The Weeknd avoided promo photos, declined interviews, and even kept his real name a mystery.

In addition to talking about trends, Metro has been busy lately explaining his jokes. While DJ-ing at Future’s 40th birthday brunch in Los Angeles earlier this month, Metro played the birthday boy’s hit “Mask Off” and cracked: “Y’all ain’t even know, André 3000 played the flute on this muthafucka.”

His offhand comment was picked up by a number of media outlets, including some that thought it was true.

Complex reposted the clip on Instagram with the headline: “Metro Boomin Says André 3000 Played Flute On ‘Mask Off,’” prompting Metro to hop into the comments section to clear the whole thing up.

“How are you all even considered a real news outlet?” he wrote in disbelief.

Metro’s initial joke came shortly after the release of André 3000’s instrumental flute album New Blue Sun, and appeared to reference the OutKast legend’s recent revelation that he has “secret” song credits with “known artists.”

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