Meet The Former NBA Cheerleader Who Claims To Have Slept With Multiple Nets Players (PICS)

A former NBA cheerleader caused quite a stir when she claimed she slept with several players while she was with the Brooklyn Nets.

The female in question, Jen Rufo, was speaking on a 2022 podcast episode (that resurfaced last week) when she said that she participated in intimate activities with various players while she was with the team in spite of her contract.


Photos of former Nets cheerleader speaking on a podcast

The admission set off an investigation among social media detectives, so much so that Mikal Bridges had to remind fans that he was with the Phoenix Suns until February.

“I was a Phoenix Sun,” he remarked.

You know what, though? Kevin Durant was not. Just saying.

Anyhow, Rufo has a pretty healthy social media presence, with over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

You can check out some of her spiciest posts right below:

We’re no closer to finding out who these players are, but at least there’s a bit more information on who the cheerleader is.

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