Matt LeBlanc Told Emilia Clarke On Live TV That He’ll Catch Up On Thrones To See Her Nak*d

The 68th Annual Emmy Awards are upon us, and Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke is in the running for her performance as Daenerys Targaryen in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. An awful lot of people have tuned into Thrones week after week over the years, but it turns out that actor Matt LeBlanc is not one of them. Apparently, he’s now interested in tuning in for a reason that has nothing to do with Clarke’s acting skills. LeBlanc had this super awkward comment for Clarke on the red carpet before the 68th Emmys:

Mẹ Rồng chia tay Game Of Thrones khiến fan đau tim

You know this is kind of what this whole thing is about. I saw the first season and I kinda fell out of touch with it. And I guess that’s when she started getting naked. So I need to catch up.

Game of Thrones has landed a massive number of nominations for the 2016 Emmys, so it’s no surprise that Matt LeBlanc feels like the entire night is already about all things Game Of Thrones (and in fact, the HBO drama got brought up a lot during the red carpet). The opening sequence to the awards even featured Emilia Clarke swooping in on a dragon as Dany to whisk Jimmy Kimmel to the ceremony to start his hosting duties. LeBlanc may have felt a bit left out since he hasn’t kept up with the series. Kudos to him for trying to participate in Game Of Thrones mania while on the red carpet. You can watch the clip below…

Fewer kudos to Matt LeBlanc for literally telling Emilia Clarke via red carpet split screen that he’d basically just catch up with Game of Thrones to see her stripping down as Dany. Luckily, Clarke had a pretty fantastic response to what must have been a super awkward situation. She said this in response to LeBlanc’s comment:

Yeah, I’m not sure he did ever watch….my show, Game of Thrones. I’ve watched Friends. I don’t remember him getting naked though.

Emilia Clarke tiết lộ món đồ muốn có nhất ở Game of Thrones

Considering how often Emilia Clarke went at least topless in Game of Thrones Season 1, she may be right that Matt LeBlanc hasn’t actually watched much or any of her show. The premiere actually featured her going full nude and walking into a hot bath. Honestly, the fact that Emilia Clarke got naked so often in the beginning of Season 1 may have helped draw some of the existing audience to the show initially. Game of Thrones’ premise was a bit hard to understand at the beginning; naked Emilia Clarke might have had more appeal to some folks in the early days.

Emilia Clarke is definitely right that Matt LeBlanc never went full nude on Friends. Airing on NBC meant that Friends would never require any of its actors to bare everything. Joey did go through an entertaining arc in which he debated whether or not he wanted to do a sex scene in a movie, and he faced some problems south of the border when it came to his own circumcision, but we never saw too much of what he had going on beneath all his layers. Who knows? Maybe if he ever stars in a show and takes off his clothes, Emilia Clarke will have something to say about it.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest on the 68th annual Emmy Awards, and check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when your favorite shows will return to the airwaves in the near future. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 7 for a peek at what’s to come next for Emilia Clarke as Dany.

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