Mark Cuban Reveals He Almost Bought Ownership Stake In Popular NFL Team (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban has revealed having been approached with an offer to buy a minority stake in an NFL team which he turned down.

Cuban, who just had the sale of his majority share in the Dallas Mavericks approved by the NBA, told former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman he had an opportunity to buy into the Pittsburgh Steelers while admitting he didn’t think he could commit to it.

Mark Cuban fist bumping a fan

DALLAS, TEXAS – DECEMBER 12: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bumps fists with a fan after the game against the Los Angeles Lakers at American Airlines Center on December 12, 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

The former Mavs majority owner was born in Pittsburgh, so you’d think he would jump at the opportunity to purchase a piece of the NFL franchise. But that was not the case. He also suggested that David Tepper was a minority in the team before selling his shares to buy the Carolina Panthers.

“I could never really afford the NFL,” he said. “You have to be all in and they never really come up for sale a lot.”

“I had an opportunity to buy into the Steelers, a minority owner contacted me about selling and I just didn’t want to be a minority owner,” he continued. “Then David Tepper bought the Panthers and they reached out to be at one point, but I wasn’t into it.”

While Cuban is no longer the majority shareholder where the Mavs are concerned, he retains a minority stake that leaves him in charge of operational affairs. Seems like a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

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