Major WWE star confirms that he’s fully retired from wrestling

A major WWE star has confirmed their retirementư

A major WWE Superstar has confirmed his retirement from professional wrestling. On the latest episode of WWE NXT, Booker T stated that he’s fully retired from in-ring competition.

The multi-time world champion made his in-ring return during the Men’s Royal Rumble Match last year after nearly 11 years. He was the 21st entrant in the match and was eliminated by Gunther after 42 seconds. Booker T currently serves as a commentator for NXT, and during this week’s show, he opened up about his future in the squared circle.

During Dijak’s match against Shawn Spears, Vic Joseph, his co-commentator, mentioned that he didn’t want to say anything about a specific subject since the multi-time WCW World Champion was “partly retired.” Booker then responded by saying:

“Nah, I’ll say it. I’m fully retired.”

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Besides being an NXT commentator, Booker T also makes appearances on the kick-off shows for premium live events. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013 as an individual and in 2019 as a member of Harlem Heat.

He’s a former World Heavyweight, Tag Team, Intercontinental, United States and Hardcore Champion. Booker T also won the 2006 King of the Ring.

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