LeBron James Reportedly Had A Very Good Reason For His National Anthem Decision That Pissed Off Everyone

Many folks lashed out at LeBron James because the NBA star remained seated during the national anthem while attending Bronny’s game last week.

The Lakers star was spotted entering, sitting, and then standing during the national anthem in the lead-up to his son’s college basketball game.

It turns out that LeBron has a good reason for doing what he did.

LeBron James Had Good Reason For National Anthem Decision

The reporter who took the video says that LeBron always enters a game during the National Anthem so it would minimize the distraction it would cause by fans seeing him going to his seat.

“As the reporter who took this video, this is gross and completely mischaracterizes the situation. LeBron has done this for YEARS in Bronny’s time at Sierra Canyon. It’s objectively the best time to walk in so he doesn’t cause a massive stir. Stop it.”

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar sat down while the Star-Spangled Banner was still being played. The reason of why he did not stand was not made clear.

LeBron’s actions drew negative reactions, with UFC star Colby Covington calling out “King James” for his disrespectful act.

“If you hate America so much, and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars – leave it. Or come deal with me. Go to China. Go to these sweatshops where you employ all these laborers and use these women and pay them pennies on the dollar to make your millions. Fuk you, LeBron James. You’re a coward. You’re a spineless coward and you’re a bith,” Covington said.

This isn’t the first time that Covington called out LeBron and just like the other times, he will never receive a response.

The Lakers superstar, who is arguably the most scrutinized player ever, usually doesn’t get involved in such back-and-forths, and it’s likely that he will do the same this time.

Right now, he is trying to get his Lakers team to play to their potential as they sit with a 15-11 record and are currently ninth in the Western Conference.

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