Late Night Hosts Join Celebrity Reaction to Eminem’s Trump Diss: ‘He Even Found a Way to Rhyme the Word “Orange”‘

Eminem slammed Donald Trump in a nearly-five minute freestyle rap and it didn’t take long before late night hosts joined in the celebrity reaction to the rapper’s epic Trump diss

On Tuesday night, Eminem slammed Donald Trump in a nearly-five minute freestyle rap at the BET Awards, and it didn’t take long before late night hosts including Jimmy Fallon and James Corden joined in the celebrity reaction to the rapper’s epic Trump diss.

Eminem’s cypher — called “The Storm” — was delivered in a Detroit parking lot, and featured the rapper spewing lines at Trump, calling him a “b—” and slamming him for his comments about Charlottesville, as well as his recent attack on NFL player protests.

Eminem also targeted those who claimed to be supporters of both him and Trump, telling them they had to choose to either stand beside him or the president. “And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his/I’m drawing in the sand a line/You’re either for or against/And if you can’t decide who you like more in your split/ Or who you should stand beside/I’ll do it for you with this/F— you.”

On Wednesday night, Fallon discussed the diss and joked that, “Trump was mad, but he was also a little confused. Today he told people to boycott the M&M Store.”

The Tonight Show host then went on to share a video of Trump’s “clap back,” which featured edited clips of Trump moving his arms and saying nonsense words like “boom,” “beep,” “bing,” alongside actual words like “China” and “hello.”

Corden — host of the Late Late Show — also weighed in on what he imagined Trump’s response was to Eminem’s rap.

“Now the title of Eminem’s rap was ‘The Storm,’ so naturally Donald Trump reacted by throwing rolls of paper towels at him,” Corden said, referencing Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico where he was spotted throwing paper towels at a crowd.

He also went on to suggest that “Donald Trump responded with his own rap: ‘Will the NFL players please stand up, please stand up, please stand up,’ ” referencing one of Eminem’s early songs: “The Real Slim Shady.”

Jimmy Kimmel also addressed Eminem’s political moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! saying, “It was very well done, he even found a way to rhyme the word ‘orange,’ which previously had been thought impossible. It was a blistering condemnation of the president which is especially interesting because at one time Donald Trump endorsed Eminem for president.”

After playing the clip in which Trump called the rapper “a winner,” Kimmel added, “Not anymore, I guess. Now he’s a loser. Trump is so pissed he just revoked Dr. Dre‘s medical license.”

Stephen Colbert also offered his take on the video on The Late Show, jokingly sharing “deleted scenes” from the rap from the perspective of a very square white couple.

Seth Meyers, meanwhile, got in on the action by sharing his own quasi-rap: “Now, I’m not much of a rapper, but here it goes. My name is Seth and I’m here to say, if you like Trump, then go away.”

Hours earlier, numerous celebrities rallied around Eminem to both support him and criticize the president — like Lebron James, who shared a photo of The Thing from the Fantastic Four alongside the words, “Racism is the only thing he’s Fantasic 4(fantastic for), cause that’s how he gets his rock off, he’s orange. Sheesh. @Eminem!!”

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick also thanked Eminem for including him in the rap.

Of course, not everybody on Twitter was ready to stand with Eminem now that he’s told his fans they have to make a choice between supporting him and supporting Trump.

Wrote one former supporter, “I was a fan of Eminem. He drew a line in the sand. I’m out. #MAGA

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