Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Had Such a Surreal Quote About Playing With LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James scored 31 points and added nine assists and four rebounds on 50% shooting in Thursday’s 134–131 victory over the Washington Wizards.

James’s continued ability to play at an elite level at 39 years old has captivated the NBA world, including his teammates. Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell gave glowing reviews about James and what it’s like to watch him continue to inspire fans of the game of basketball.

LeBron James praised skill of D'Angelo Russell after Pelicans victory -  Silver Screen and RollLeBron James praised skill of D'Angelo Russell after Pelicans victory -  Silver Screen and Roll

“He’s the first person I saw play in the NBA, to be honest,” Russell told reporters after Thursday night’s overtime win. “My dad took me to my first NBA game against the Pacers. [I’m] from Kentucky so that was our pro team and they played the [Cavaliers]. I was a big LeBron fan. He did that signature dunk, and I remember crying.”

Russell knew from the moment he saw James play in person that the NBA was where he wanted to be.

“Being at the game and watching him do that dunk that he would always do in the commercials and seeing him do it [in person], I remember crying vividly. That’s when I was like, this is where I want to be. He inspired me without even knowing it. He’s continuing to inspire the youth and his teammates, but the youth as a whole. Everybody kinda looks up to a guy like him.”

With James continuing to spearhead the charge, the Lakers will continue to push for a playoff berth in a brutal Western Conference. Following Thursday night’s victory, the Lakers are 33–28 on the season and in ninth-place in the Wester Conference, which would put the franchise in the play-in tournament if the season ended today.

Los Angeles is back in action on Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets.

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