Kyle Lowry is not taking Pat Beverley’s bait: “It’s just basketball”

Kyle Lowry is keeping his cool despite Pat Bev’s best attempts to incite controversy.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Kyle Lowry has gotten wind of the comments of Milwaukee Bucks guard Pat Beverley, and he’s not keen on taking the bait.

A known instigator who regularly stirs the pot, be it on or off the court, Beverley recently made the headlines when he took offense to the Sixers essentially shipping him out to bring in Lowry. The tenacious guard said he will take their match-up with the Sixers personally when Milwaukee and Philadelphia face off this Sunday, adding, “I’m on Kyle’s ass when we play Philly. Straight up.”

Kept it cool

However, Lowry, playing in his 18th season in the NBA, kept it cool when asked about Beverley’s comments. The Philadelphia native even acknowledged how great a competitor Beverley is and that those comments were born out of his fiery nature.

“I love Pat. I think Pat is the ultimate competitor. I think Pat is one of those guys that he’s fiery, but his podcast is great, and I’m not a podcast watcher,” Lowry said.

“But I know that he’s a friend of mine, and that’s his competitive nature, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play against him as always. It’s just basketball. It’s competitive nature.”

Bristled at getting replaced

Beverley believes Lowry—who helped current Sixers coach Nick Nurse win an NBA title with the Toronto Raptors in 2019—was brought in to replace him. Beverley began the season in Philadelphia but was traded to the Bucks at the deadline. On the other hand, Kyle was moved by the Miami Heat to Charlotte, but the veteran guard got bought out, paving the way for him to go to Philadelphia.

On Monday, Patrick shared his thoughts about Lowry’s move to Philadelphia.

“I respect it, right,” Beverley said on the Pat Bev Pod.

“Doc [Rivers] came and got his guy—me—and [Nick] Nurse went and got his guy—Kyle. But now I see Nurse’s hand. Man, I’m on Kyle’s a** when we play Philly. Straight up. That’s just how it goes. That’s just how it goes, like, how dare you?”

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