Kuniva of D12 Shuts Down Benzino’s Claims That Eminem Has Ghostwriters

D12’s Kuniva ain’t having any of Benzino’s ghostwriting accusations against Eminem.

After premiering his Eminem diss track, written better than anything Benzino has ever tried to present, Zino claimed he gets lines from “some guys” in the studio, then tried to extend that “teamwork” excuse to Eminem, suggesting Royce da 5’9 throws him rhymes. Royce himself shut that down, saying:

Lemme just clarify 2 things real quick…FIRST: You said “I’m sure when Em is in the studio ROYCE gives him a line here and there” Wrong.. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.. Not even once… But to each his own…

Now, after Benzono’s claims that D12 was ghostwriting for Eminem, Kuniva’s stepped in, brandishing a video of Warren G on Drink Champs, where the West Coast OG vouches for Em’s pen game. The veteran rapper explained:

Eminem is dope. You gotta look at what motherfuker wrote. “Things just ain’t the same for gangstas”. He wrote that. That’s one of my favorite fucking songs. For Dre! How the fuck can you write this for this nigga and the shit sound like it’s him. And then the motherfucker went Diamond plus. Diamond plus and all that shit. He’s talented.

Kuniva added his own thoughts to it in the caption:

When they talk like my big bro @Eminem has a ghostwriter. How SWAY?! A ghostwriter who needs a ghostwriter?? gtfoh. 🐐

This isn’t the first time Benzino’s tried to downplay Em’s skills, and it probably won’t be the last. But Kuniva and Warren G’s words echo loud and clear: Eminem’s a lyrical monster who crafts his own heat.

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