Kevin Durant chimes in on why Damian Lillard hasn’t been himself in Milwaukee

Immediate integration can’t be expected.

Western Conference forward Kevin Durant (35) of the Phoenix Suns looks to pass the ball against Eastern Conference guard Damian Lillard (0)

Former league MVP Kevin Durant can attest to Damian Lillard’s apparent struggles in his first season with the Milwaukee Bucks. After all, it was nearly ago when he made a similar—and much ballyhooed—move from Oklahoma City to the powerhouse Golden State Warriors. It can be tricky joining another team with an already-established superstar, which the Bucks have in two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. But Durant believes Lillard will find his footing in time.

It helps to have an unselfish co-star
KD joined a Warriors squad that featured three All-Stars and Finals MVP—all of whom were willing to make sacrifices to make him feel comfortable and be his dominant self. Durant says he sees the same thing in Milwaukee, with Giannis constantly declaring that the Bucks are Lillard’s team now.

When asked if having this dynamic helps, KD answered: “Most definitely. When you realize that you all play a part and the definition of team is you pick up where I may be lacking at.”

A transition period for “Dame Time”
For all the talk about superstar players teaming up to form “superteams,” making these things work for the goal of winning an NBA title doesn’t always happen. History has shown that having a duo or even a trio of All-Stars doesn’t guarantee success. From the Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant trio of the Los Angeles Lakers to the “Big 3” of KD, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, it often takes time for players to adjust and find their roles within a team.

KD surmises this is what Lillard is going through this season with the Bucks.

“It’s an adjustment period for Dame, too, ‘cause he’s coming from a situation where everything was about him, and it’s a harsh reality,” Kevin said.

“You can talk about it all you want like ‘I want to play with great players,’ ‘I want to be on a championship contender.’ And once you get over there, you realize it’s not all about you. Which way you gonna go? There’s a fork in the road at that point.”

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