Kanye West Explores Buying Out Lil Durk’s Contract Following Dubai Performance

Kanye West Explores Buying Out Lil Durk’s Contract Following Dubai Performance

In a potential game-changing move, Kanye West is considering acquiring Lil Durk’s contract with Alamo Records after their recent collaboration on the track “Vultures.” Sources close to Kanye’s team informed TMZ Hip Hop that discussions are underway to release Lil Durk from his current label arrangement.

The collaboration on “Vultures” took an unexpecteԀ turn when Kanye, referencing an incident, stated, “I just f***** a Jewish bitcҺ,” in response to allegations of antisemitism. The aftermath has seen Kanye’s interest in liberating Lil Durk from Alamo Records intensify.

According to insider information, Todd Moscowitz, the co-founder of 300 Records and current CEO of Alamo Records, has reportedly denied clearance for another song Lil Durk worked on for Kanye’s upcoming album. This disagreement has triggered a legal and contractual dispute between the parties involved.

Over the weekend, Kanye, Lil Durk, and other featured artists, including Ty Dolla $ign and Chicago rap legend Bump J, gathered at the Blu Dubai nightclub to deliver the first live performance of “Vultures.” The electrifying rendition marked a significant moment for the collaborative effort.

Kanye’s visit to Dubai has been eventful, with notable occurrences, including a tense interaction with his former personal trainer in a hotel lobby. Additionally, a video surfaced of Chris Brown dancing with Kanye and the crew to the “Vultures” song, drawing attention and criticism.

Kanye West wants to buy out Lil Durk's contract after his label blocked a  collaborative song... as Durk raps on Kanye's antisemitic song Vultures |  Daily Mail Online

As discussions about Lil Durk’s contractual future unfold, Kanye West’s involvement in potentially buying out the artist’s contract adds a layer of complexity to the evolving dynamics within the music industry.

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