Kanye West and Chris Brown blasted for dancing to ‘antisemitic’ track Vultures: ‘Let them never ever work again’

“How I’m anti-semitic? I just f–ked a Jewish bitch.” Kanye West and Chris Brown spotted dancing and rapping in a private party


Kanye West and Chris Brown(X)

Kanye West and Chris Brown are facing public outrage for dancing and hyping an allegedly antisemitic track. The controversy unfolds amidst relationship issues with Bianca Censori and Kanye’s comeback track “Vultures.” Both the celebrities were called ‘trash’ and ‘disgusting’ for mocking the community through the song’s lyrics.

Kanye West dances while rapping alleged antisemitic lyrics from new track Vultures
Recovering from career setbacks caused by antisemitic remarks, Kanye West released a new song called Vultures with Ty Dolla $ign on November 18. The rapper looked excited as he rapped along to his newest song in a widely circulated social media video alongside Chris Brown. The lyrics go by “How I’m anti-semitic? I just f–ked a Jewish bitch.”

Kanye West and Chris Brown slammed for dancing to 'anti-semitic' track:  'Beyond sickening' - NZ Herald

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Apart from the American singer, songwriter, rapper, and one of the most successful R&B artists, Chris Brown, other artists in attendance were Ty, Bump J, and more. The video posted online went viral in no time, sparking widespread criticism from the audience, who condemned it as ‘absolutely disgusting’ and ‘trash.'”

Jewish businesswoman Tanya Zuckerbrot taking to her X account wrote “What’s more sickening? The lyrics … Or the fact that both Kanye West and @chrisbrownofficial find it hysterical?”. Backing the comment other user wrote “Let the record industry chew on this. Let them never EVER work again,”.

Kanye West’s controversial Vultures lyrics call for cancellation
Kanye West’s career took a major turn for the worse after an unusual visit to Alex Jones’s Infowars talk show. He expressed admiration for Hitler during the conversation and made disparaging remarks against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The controversial personality faced cancellation around a year ago after his contracts with Adidas and Balenciaga were terminated. But, Ye didn’t stop from accepting and repeating what he did. He also had his Twitter and Instagram accounts suspended. West’s agency ended up canceling him for his antisemitic outbursts, and the MRC-produced documentary was shelved.

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