Josh Giddey’s Alleged Underage Girlfriend Has Interesting Response To NBA’s Investigation Into Their Relationship (PIC)

Josh Giddey will continue to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder while the NBA investigates viral social media allegations that he had a relationship with an underage girl.

He was certainly on the floor for Saturday’s 127-123 loss to the Sixers. He recorded 10 points, eight assists and seven rebounds.

Josh Giddey dribbling ball

In the meantime, the young high school girl he is allegedly in a relationship with or had sexual intercourse with is now speaking out in a huge way.

Social media users noticed that the young girl liked a post on Instagram regarding Giddey’s investigation.

It should be noted that while that name has been floating around as the young girl, nothing has been confirmed. Also, anybody can create a fake profile these days.

The online allegations arose on social media last Wednesday night. Giddey elected to not give any comments about the situation following Friday’s practice. A few hours later, the league announced its investigation.

Josh Giddey dribbling a basketball

Giddey is in his third season with the Thunder after being drafted No. 6 overall in the 2021 NBA draft. In 15 games, he’s averaged 12.3 points on 43.5% shooting, 5.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists.

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