Josh Giddey Finally Breaks His Silence Amid Allegations Of Inappropriate Relations With Underaged Girl (VIDEO)

Controversy swirls around allegations of a relationship between Thunder’s Josh Giddey and a high school-aged girl.

Josh Giddey’s alleged involvement prompts comparisons to Karl Malone’s past – sparking NBA speculations amid ongoing discussions.

Josh Giddey speaking to reporters

The Oklahoma City Thunder guard had been quiet about the situation but he finally broke his silence on Friday when reporters asked him about it. He decided against responding to it.

To prevent fans from inundating his feed with rumors, Giddey changed his profile picture to black and disabled commenting.

The allegations, which surfaced on social media platform X, claim that Giddey has been interacting with a high schooler. Despite gaining traction, the Thunder have not stated anything and neither has the league office.

The young girl in the pictures is allegedly Livv Cook, and she is reportedly a sophomore in high school. Livv herself posted images bragging about having sexual intercourse with Giddey and the player does seem like he is comfortable enough around her to make people think this is true.

According to Oklahoma Criminal Defense, the age of consent in the state is 16 years which means that if Livv is 15 as the person who posted the image says, Giddey is definitely committing a crime.

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