“I love you” – When Ex-WWE star confessed his feelings to Liv Morgan when they first met

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In 2014, Liv Morgan signed with WWE. She has since become one of the company’s most popular female superstars. While many fans love the character the 28-year-old portrays on television, several of her co-workers have also found her charming in real life.

During an episode of the Table Talk podcast in July 2021, in which Morgan was a guest, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recalled his first encounter with the current Women’s Tag Team Champion. He disclosed that he confessed his love for her minutes after meeting her.

“Let me tell you something. When I first met Liv, I loved her to death because here’s why. We were sitting in catering in a WWE house show and then all of a sudden out of nowhere – I remind you I just met her, I remind you – she let out the biggest belch in the world. She just went, ‘yeah, that was me.’ I was like, I looked at her and I said, ‘I love you.’ I said, ‘I love you.’ I said, ‘you’re such a good lady. I love it.’ Because she was herself. That’s the one thing I love about Liv. She’s so herself and you’re not gonna get anything less than Liv Morgan. I love it. Phenomenal,” he said. [24:32 – 25:06]
Over the past few years, Dudley worked as a backstage producer in WWE. He also made a few sporadic appearances on-screen. However, he left the company earlier this year.

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Liv Morgan is reportedly dating former WWE 24/7 Champion Bo Dallas
After joining the Stamford-based company, Liv Morgan started dating former superstar nZo (Enzo Amore). However, they split in 2017. Rumors later suggested that she had briefly dated former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate.

In 2021, Morgan reportedly entered a romantic relationship with Bo Dallas. On an episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair seemingly confirmed that she and Dallas were dating.

“Bo is with Liv Morgan now. I think, are they married? I don’t know. Yeah, and I saw JoJo, Bray’s wife. Yeah, they’re a very happy family,” he said.

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