“I fell off a f—king horse!”: Emilia Clarke Had A Breakdown On Her Very First Day On ‘Game of Thrones’ Set After “Miserable” Experience That Ended In Humiliation

Emilia Clarke is an exceptionally brilliant personality and an even better on-screen performer. Highly determined and focused, she has appeared in some of the best and most famous big-screen projects of all time including her 2016 superhit Me Before You and the all-time fan-favorite book-based gory television series Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

But while GoT earned her the breakthrough role she so desperately required to boost her career in the entertainment industry, it also brought with it a lot of responsibility on her to carry out such a great part in the perfect manner possible, which even led her to a breakdown on her very first day on the shooting set after the miserable experience that ended in humiliation for her.

Emilia Clarke’s First Day On The Game of Thrones Set Was A Tragedy

Emilia Clarke had to act on a horse on the first day of shoot on the Game of Thrones set

Emilia Clarke had to act on a horse on the first day of shoot on the Game of Thrones set

Emilia Clarke earned a gargantuan amount of fame from the hit 8 seasons television series, Game of Thrones. But while her performance is widely appreciated on-screen, her first day on set turned up to be nothing less than a tragedy for her. Answering if she remembers her very first day of the shoot, she said,

“Yeah, I remember my first day on set. Oh my god, I fell off a f—ing horse!”

Before getting cast into the hit novel-based television series, Clarke had only just actually begun her career in Hollywood with her 2010 movie titled Triassic Attack, and the GoT part was her breakthrough role. Thus, caught in a frenzy in a situation she had never before been in, the Me Before You star found herself in the midst of a breakdown.

“It was my first job but this was, like, the first thing I ever did and they said we’re on a horse. OH. In a bamboo field in Belfast and it’s raining. I was falling off the horse tryna act still. And I remember just being hanging on for dear – I mean, literally, I’m hanging on like this! – and I’m hanging on for dear life. And I just remember shouting, ‘Please stop filming!’ [laughs] And I’m like this [gathers herself up], ‘It’s okay, everything’s gonna be fine.’”

But little did she know that her actual misery was gonna start right then – right as she turned around and realized they were not alone.

“And I turn around and I’m just like… ‘Oh my god’ – there’s like the whole crew… and I just cried. There you go, that was my first day on Game of Thrones. That was it, and I was [like], ‘Hey, mom, I had a really good day!’”

However, that wasn’t the only thing related to Game of Thrones that Emilia Clarke sort of messed up.

Emilia Clarke Messed Up Her Game of Thrones Audition As Well

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in a still from Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in a still from Game of Thrones

Way before she even got selected for playing Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke also managed to screw up her audition for the character. Sharing how it ended up being silly, she said,

“There was a lot of adrenaline, I was very nervous. It was a big deal – audition – obviously. There were lots of people from HBO there. And I was kind of anxious and did all of the scenes. And at the end, I was asking them if I could do anything else. If there was anything else I could… make them some tea or something. And David Benioff – gorgeous David Benioff, one of the writers – suggested I do a dance. Ha ha ha, because that’s so… And I did. I did a dance, yeah. I still don’t know how to do it, but I did the Funky Chicken [dance]. And I kinda moved into the Robot [dance] and I sort of heard some laughter going on, and I thought, ‘Comedy girl! This is brilliant.’”

And somehow, this ‘comedy girl’ did end up bagging one of the major roles in the multi-billionaire franchise and earned worldwide recognition with it as well!

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