Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter In Green Bikini Is ‘Always Bringing The Heat’

Mikayla Demaiter In Teal Two-Piece Makes Instagram A 'Better Place'


Model Mikayla Demaiter is putting her fit physique on display for her followers yet again!

Although she posts on Facebook and Instagram, the retired hockey goalie has also been sharing her fair share of steamy snaps on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter!

Mikayla Demaiter Is ‘Bringing The Heat’ In Her Little Bikini

Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is 'Bringing The Heat' In Her White Bikini

In another post, Mikayla shared a snap that featured her posing in a luxurious bathroom. She is adding a pop of color with a green bikini top and shorts that are tied on either side of her thighs. A white blouse hangs down from her elbows as she poses for two shots, making sure to show off her fit physique from every angle.

“Doing my best to combat the cold by always bringing the heat,” she teased in the caption. “Nobody can bring the heat like you. It’d be like bringing a knife to a gunfight,” one fan teased. “Keep up the good fight,” another follower encouraged. “Your words are very uplifting and your body is also very uplifting,” a third fan joked while another follower called her “stunningly beautiful.”

Mikayla Confirms It DID Hurt When She Fell From Heaven!

On the day before Thanksgiving, the popular model flaunted her fit physique in a white long-sleeve blouse that she wore unbuttoned in order to show off her white bra. She paired the look with a pair of daisy dukes and a thin white necklace that stood out against her sun-kissed tan. In the caption of this post, she wrote, “In case you are wondering, yes it did hurt when I fell from heaven.”

“Yeah. At least you fell on the spot with the most cushion,” one fan teased. “So beautiful,” another follower wrote. “I bet!” a third fan chimed in. “Wow, what a beauty!” another follower exclaimed. “Finest art I’ve seen all day,” another fan gushed. “Wow, those Canadian girls are [fire emoji],” another follower shared while another fan called her “gorgeous and extremely hot.”

Mikayla Makes The Day Brighter One Photo At A Time!


The former hockey goalie gave fans Winnie The Pooh vibes as she posed in a two-piece yellow matching set. She wore a long-sleeve yellow crop top that was tied at the center and covered with bees. She paired the look with a short yellow skirt and lace-up yellow heels that had a daisy on the front. She held her long blonde hair back out of her face as she posed for a few photos in what appeared to be a wood cabin.

“Here to make your day brighter, better, and even more beautiful,” she wrote in the caption. “Mikayla, you are a very beautiful woman and your body is stunning and attractive and really seeing your posts makes my day better,” one fan gushed. “You’re wearing the sun and making everyone melt,” another follower teased. “This makes me want to eat bananas!” another fan exclaimed while another follower gushed, “You look gorgeous in yellow. Now you are a true sunshine!”

Mikayla Demaiter Makes Every Day A Holiday!

In another post, Mikayla wrote, “It may be the holiday season, but I would argue every day feels like a holiday when I’m around.” She certainly looked like an angel, wearing a white bra and a matching skirt. Fans could not get enough of her stunning snaps, with one user writing, “You are an endless source of inspiration as your beauty is always there.” Another follower gushed, “Your beauty is like a maze that I cannot escape” while a third fan joked, “I almost drowned in your beauty.”

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