‘HE’S NOT WELL’ Lil Wayne sparks concern with ‘swollen’ face during worrying interview with Tyga as fans ask ‘is he okay?’

LIL Wayne has concerned fans with his changed appearance in a new video.

The legendary rapper spoke to Tyga, 34, for a new podcast on Apple, but fans noticed worrying changes to his face.

Lil Wayne's fans voiced their worry after noticing his 'swollen' face in a new video
Lil Wayne’s fans voiced their worry after noticing his ‘swollen’ face in a new video

The star seemed happy as he spoke to fellow rapper Tyga, but had visible swelling around his jaw and eyes
The star seemed happy as he spoke to fellow rapper Tyga, but had visible swelling around his jaw and eyes

In a clip of the conversation posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Lil Wayne, 41, and Tyga spoke about the music world and their careers.

Lil Wayne seemed to be in good spirits, jokingly hinting that he’d be game to perform at the Super Bowl when it comes to his hometown, New Orleans, in 2025.

However, the musician had a noticeably swollen face, with the jaw on one side seeming larger and drooping.

In the comment section, many fans were quick to share their worry for the Grammy award-winning artist, with others sharing theories about the change.

One person asked: “What’s up with your face Wayne.. you good bruh?”

“What happened to the Goats face,” questioned another.

In response, a third theorized: “He’s added some more weight. Wayne is eating good, that’s good.”

In another thread, one worried social media user wrote: “Young Money Radio is back but what I need to know is what is wrong with Lil Wayne? His face is swollen and his eyes.”

“Kidney, liver, heart issues and/or he’s on an immunosuppressant suppressant like prednisone. He doesn’t look well,” said another fan.

However, one person claimed: “He got a wisdom tooth pulled. He said it on this show.”

Some fans claimed that Lil Wayne’s health might be the cause of his swollen face, after he was allegedly found with a gold gun, along with heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana after being searched by federal agents on a private jet at a Miami, Florida airport in 2020.

Một số người hâm mộ liên kết vết sưng tấy với việc sử dụng ma túy, sau khi Lil Wayne bị cáo buộc sử dụng ma túy sau một cuộc khám xét vào năm 2020
Some fans linked the swelling to drug use, after Lil Wayne was allegedly caught with drugs after a search in 2020

Following the arrest, British model Melissa Howe, who says she dated the hip-hop star from 2017 to 2019, exclusively spoke to The U.S Sun and opened up about the rapper’s lifestyle.

According to the search warrant, it was “readily apparent” that the rapper “was under the influence of illicit narcotics based on his delayed speech and partially closed eyes.”

Records show officers also found prescription-strength cough syrup sometimes used to make “purple drank.”

Purple drank, also known as lean, is made with cough syrup, loaded with codeine and antihistamine, and mixed with fizzy drinks to enhance the flavor.

Melissa said she was not surprised to hear about the cough syrup as she saw him take that a lot along with marijuana – but never saw him do heroin or cocaine.

“When I was dating him he seemed to have so much going on mentally,” she said.

“I know he used to do a lot of cough syrup and I think that made his anxiety worse. He would smoke a lot of marijuana too.”

Alongside opening up about his alleged drug use, Melissa revealed Lil Wayne’s health struggle.

She said: “He got hospitalized a few times after having a seizure and he did have a stage where he stopped the drugs and instead he would drink huge amounts of coffee throughout the night.

“But then obviously that would make him have more anxiety – he would tell me he wasn’t sleeping too.

“When he was working on something, he wouldn’t sleep for days on end. He would text me at all hours 4, 5, 6 am.”

She added that his behavior may have come from fear of violence, explaining: “I think it stemmed from he wanted to be the best at what he did but also he had this anxiety after seeing what happened to other rappers like XXXTentacion who was also in Miami and got shot.

“He was just worried that they would catch him off guard on his own because that’s what it’s like in Miami and LA, when they see someone – like Nipsey – who is successful with money, they target them.”

The rapper reportedly stopped his drug use for a while, after suffering from multiple seizures
The rapper reportedly stopped his drug use for a while, after suffering from multiple seizures

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