Here’s How Eminem Made His $250 Million Net Worth

Marshall Mathers has become one of the most successful rappers of all time, and his net worth proves it. Here’s how Eminem made his millions!

Eminem has all the qualities to be on the Mount Rushmore of hip-hop. Since breaking through under Dr. Dre’s guidance in 1999 with The Slim Shady LP, Eminem did not slow down for a moment. His most recent release, Music to Be Murdered By in 2020 proved that Eminem is still beloved by his fans and has lots to say about his life, his contemporaries, and the current state of affairs.

Most impressive about the album’s release was that Eminem did not do any promotion for it. Despite that, the album became the ninth best-selling album of 2020, and left fans wondering what Eminem’s next project would be.

Eminem has reportedly accumulated a net worth of $250 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. Here is how one of the fastest rappers in the business made his net worth, skyrocketing to fame in the process.

Updated October 2023: Over the last several years, Eminem has become a bit of a recluse. However, this has not hurt his ability to earn money, given that over the past three years, Eminem has managed to add $20 million to his net worth.

From continuing to earn residuals from his albums, putting out new music, such as Music to Be Murdered By in 2020, a second greatest hits album in 2022, and new music videos to his YouTube platform, Eminem makes an income in the tens of millions yearly. And with rumors of a new album being dropped in 2023, Eminem’s streaming and YouTube plays have remained strong against artists who released new music this year.

Eminem also opened a restaurant in Michigan in 2021, called Mom’s Spaghetti. The establishment has great reviews and appears to remain busy, which only adds to Eminem’s fortune further.

10Eminen Had 10 Consecutive Number-One Albums

Eminem looking concernedVia: Instar

Upon releasing The Slim Shady LP, Eminem declared himself ‘the worst nightmare for American parents.’ However, that doesn’t stop people from tuning into his music. Eminem has had 10 consecutive number-one albums, only being beat out by Jay-Z, who has had 11, and Taylor Swift, who holds the record with 12 consecutive number-one albums.

His last album, Music To Be Murdered By, sold over 415k copies within the first week. That is way beyond impressive, especially for competing against artists twice younger than his age.

Here is a List of Eminem’s #1 Albums and the Number of Streams Each Album Has:

Music to Be Murdered By (2020)
3.3 Billion Streams

Kamikaze (2018)
3+ Billion Streams

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)
3.5 Billion Streams

Recovery (2010)
3.9 Billion Streams

Relapse (2009)
1.9 Billion Streams

Encore (2004)
2.5 Billion Streams

The Eminem Show (2002)
5.8 Billion Streams

The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
3.4 Billion Streams

The Slim Shady LP (1999)
1.3 Billion Streams

Infinite (1996)
1,000 Copies sold in US

9Eminem Created Shady Records Boutique Label

Eminem 50 Centvia: ACE/ Images

After the successful release of The Slim Shady LP, Eminem teamed up with a music attorney and a longtime friend, Paul Rosenberg, to launch Shady Records boutique music label, signing the likes of 50 Cent, Obie Trice, Slaughterhouse, and more. Initially, Shady Record served as an avenue for Eminem’s hip-hop group, D12, to release their albums.

For years, Shady Records has seen some incredible hip-hop talents. The most notable of which was 50 Cent, who had one of the best-selling debut albums of all time under the Shady Records label.

8Eminem Collaborated With Nike

Eminem on the red carpetvia Instar

Eminem is a sneakerhead. To celebrate his 2004 album Encore, he teamed up with Nike to release a collection of rare Encore-themed Air Jordan 4 and Air Force 1 sneakers. Only 23 pairs were produced during its re-release in 2017. The latest sale for a pair of Eminem’s Encore-themed sneakers is in the neighborhood of $30,000.

However, most of the net does not go directly into Eminem’s wallet. Most profits were donated to the Marshall Mathers Foundation to help the Detroit community.

7Eminem Is All About Product Endorsement

Eminem and Dr. Dre at Super Bowlvia YouTube

In 2013, Eminem celebrated the 30th anniversary of G-Shock with a unique collaboration: a Detroit-themed GDX6900MNM-1 digital watch with Em’s reverted ‘E,’ and ‘Shady’ signature embossed on it.

Besides the G-Shock collab, Eminem is also one of the ambassadors of Beats by Dr. Dre’s wildly successful headphone brand. He gave back to the community as an ambassador in 2017 when he granted a pair of Beat headphones to all the Flint Community School graduates in Michigan.

6Eminem Dipped His Toes Into Film Acting And Directing

Eminem in 8 MileVia Universal Pictures

Even though acting was never his forte, Eminem proved he had the chops to star in a film. Em’s 2002 debut as a lead character, 8 Mile, was a blockbuster that opened at number one and grossed more than $51 million within the first week. On top of that, 8 Mile‘s accompanying music album was also a significant success, with 3.2 million copies shipped in 2002.

Unfortunately, the dense schedule between the set of 8 Mile drove Eminem into a severe substance abuse problem, which is why Eminem states he will never star in any other movie as a lead character.

5Eminem Starred In Several TV Commercials

Eminem Chrysler commercialvia YouTube

Eminem will not, however, shy away from a TV advertisement, especially for something he proudly represents, Detroit. The rap star appeared in a viral commercial for the Chrysler 200 car titled ‘Born of Fire: Imported from Detroit.’

The 2-minute ad, which debuted during Super Bowl XLV in 2010, depicted the underdog mentality of the Motor City.

4Eminem Consistently Sells Out Stadiums And Extensively Toured

Eminem performingVia: Instar

Eminem rarely tours anymore, but when he does, he sells out a full-packed stadium and breaks a record. Despite his age, Eminem’s popularity among his worldwide fan base does not seem to fade.

Even after the political ‘drawing a line in the sand’ moment of the 2017 BET Awards, Eminem still managed to sell out an 80,000-seater stadium during his six-date Rapture 2019 Tour. In fact, Eminem and his team grossed over $37.7 million, sold more than 330,000 tickets, and smashed the attendance record at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

3Eminem Earns Awards After Awards

Eminem and Nicki Minaj at Grammy Awardsvia YouTube/Ken Ehrlich Productions

Eminem has snatched over 155 award wins from 340 nominations, notably the back-to-back Grammy’s Best Rap Album with The Slim Shady LP (2000), The Marshall Mathers LP (2001), and The Eminem Show (2003). He also made history as the first rapper to win an Oscar with 8 Mile‘s soundtrack, Lose Yourself.

Even though a Grammy win only gives a beautiful trophy with no cash prize, a Grammy win can bounce an artist’s sales by at least ‘55%, which only helped to drive up Eminem’s album sales more.

2Eminem Has Production Credits

Eminem looking concernedVia: Instar

It may come as a surprise for many because of Em’s tight association with Dr. Dre, but Eminem’s magnum opus, The Eminem Show, was mostly produced by Eminem.

Besides his project, Eminem hops on other artists’ albums and brings his best behind-the-booth skill as a producer into it. Notably, he produced 50 Cent’s breakthrough album, Get Rich or Die Tryin,’ Tupac’s posthumous Loyal to the Game album, and even Akon’s Konvicted album.

1Eminem Dominates With Streaming And YouTube Views

Eminem performingvia Instar

Despite his status as a rapper who started his career in the 90s, Eminem still maintained a good number during this streaming era. As of August 2023, Eminem is among the top 10 most-streamed artists on Spotify alongside Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Drake, The Weeknd, and more.

Speaking of YouTube, Eminem is also one of the most viewed artists on the platform, scoring more than 17 billion views. That surely contributes to Eminem’s exposure, not to mention his wealth.

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