“He got my respect” – HSTikkyTokky seemingly becomes rapper Drake’s favorite streamer following brawl with Zherka

HSTikkyTokky has seemingly become hip-hop megastar Drake’s newest favorite streamer after his brawl against Jon Zherka.

Harrison Sullivan, aka HSTikkyTokky, is a 22-year-old British IRL (In Real Life) streamer. The fitness influencer, primarily imparting advice regarding workouts and diet plans, had garnered widespread criticism after making a few controversial assertions in the past.

Meanwhile, Jon Zherka is a 28-year-old Albanian-Canadian YouTuber and former Twitch streamer. He gained notoriety for being extremely outspoken about a myriad of topics, including society and politics. The social media influencer is also known for his eccentric antics.

Jon Zherka has lately been engaged in a heated feud against HSTikkyTokky and popular streamer Adin Ross. Zherka recently caused a stir in the social media influencer community by making derogatory comments regarding HSTikkyTokky’s mother as well as Adin Ross’ former partner, Pami Baby. Zherka labeled HSTikkyTokky a “fa**ot” and called the latter’s mother a “wh**e.”

Besides, Jon Zherka claimed that he had cop*lated with Pami Baby. Ross and Baby were reportedly in a long-term relationship that ended in 2022.

Zherka’s recent comments, directed at HSTikkyTokky and Ross, considerably escalated their rivalry. Moreover, he suggested that he’ll find HSTikkyTokky and fight him on the streets.

Zherka did indeed track down HSTikkyTokky on the streets of Miami, Florida, USA, during a recent IRL stream. Their verbal confrontation quickly turned violent, and HSTikkyTokky appeared to drop his rival multiple times. They ended up grappling on the concrete road before their fight was eventually broken up.

Adin Ross has now revealed that legendary Canadian singer Drake was impressed by HSTikkyTokky’s fight against Zherka. Speaking to his fans online, Ross indicated that the singer is truly “tapped into” the streamer feuds. He recalled that the hip-hop great laughingly texted him about HSTikkyTokky. Ross stated:

“Drake said, ‘Bro, this dude HS is my newest favorite streamer. This sh** is f**king hilarious. He got my respect. I used to think — I used to wonder if he was p*ssy, but he stood tall.’ This motherf**ker Drake is tapped in, bro. And he said he f**ks with HS, and now he said he’s solid as sh**.”
Check out Ross’ comments in the video below (*Video courtesy: @HappyPunch Twitter/X):

Zherka vs. HSTikkyTokky: Drake’s comments indicative of his love for combat

For years, Drake has been a self-admitted appreciator of combat sports and fighting as an art. The 37-year-old often follows major combat sports events, particularly watching the UFC’s high-profile MMA bouts. A beloved celebrity who’s an ardent martial arts fan, the rapper consistently bets humongous sums of money on fighters, albeit often being proven wrong in his picks.

The rapper’s tendency to bet on fighters who go on to lose has resulted in some keen combat sports fans forging the hypothesis of the infamous ‘Drake Curse.’ Nevertheless, many feel that the hip-hop icon’s love for combat and martial arts is undeniable. Speaking of which, it’s believed his comments pertaining to the Zherka vs. HSTikkyTokky street fight are yet another reminder of the same.

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