Grant Williams and Miles Bridges spark brawl at end of Hornets vs Warriors: “You a b**ch”

A heated exchange with a few seconds left on the clock


Tensions flared in the clash between the Charlotte Hornets and the Golden State Warriors as Grant Williams and Miles Bridges found themselves at the center of a late-game altercation with Lester Quinones. With mere seconds remaining on the clock and the Warriors holding a commanding lead of 97-84, Quinones made a move towards the basket, only to be met with a fierce block from Bridges, who then escalated the confrontation with a shove.

As Quinones and Bridges locked eyes in a heated exchange, Grant Williams entered the fray, confronting the Warriors’ guard in a moment of escalating tension. Amidst the chaos, Quinones directed a heated slur towards Williams, further fueling the confrontation.

“You b**ch,” Quinones repeatedly shouted to Williams.

Kerr’s explanation
Not one to shy away from confrontation, Williams also found himself in a verbal sparring match with Draymond Green, adding another layer to the already volatile situation.

This clash between Williams and Green harkens back to previous encounters during Williams’ tenure with the Boston Celtics, highlighting the simmering animosity between the two players.

In the aftermath of the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr offered a defense of Quinones’ actions, attributing his aggressive play to the pressure of the shot clock rather than any malicious intent towards the Hornets.

“For 10 years I’ve told our team if there’s a shot clock differential, you keep playing. To me, the game tells you to keep playing. We’ve always done it that way,” Kerr noted.

“Nobody’s ever been offended. They were pressing the last few minutes. You still play the game. As soon as there’s no shot-clock differential then you sit on the ball and you let the clock run out.

“But if there’s a differential I think guys should always keep playing. To me, it’s very strange why that would be offensive to anybody. I’ve never understood why that would be offensive.”

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