G Herbo has seemingly fired shots at Chris Brown amid Herbo’s ongoing drama with Funny Marco.

On Friday (November 10), the “We Don’t Care” rapper took to social media. where he took aim at “bitch ass n-ggas” who have his name in their mouth.

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“PSA — that’s a public service announcement — for the simple fact that I don’t be having nobody’s name in my mouth, especially n-ggas,” he began. “If you have my name in your mouth, talking to another party, a person, I hope you able to back it up.”

“And I hope you tough, way tougher than me, because if I hear it, I’ma slap the fuck outta ya,” he continued. “I’m about to start treating n-ggas like the bitches they are. A lot of you n-ggas [are] bitches and been bitches.”

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“Me? I’ve never been a bitch. I don’t even play with bitch-ass n-ggas. And a lot of you bitch-ass n-ggas be doing bitch-ass shit, so I’m just warning y’all,” he continued.

Herbo’s comments come shortly after a clip surfaced on social media featuring Breezy and Funny Marco, in which the R&B singer asked the podcaster why he let G Herbo and Southside be so aggressive towards him.

The question stems from Southside and Herbo’s joint appearance on Marco’s podcast last month, where they repeatedly berated the personality.

Marco has since claimed things were a lot more contentious than the final version of the podcast showed, saying he was called a “bitch” multiple times and that the pair broke his $30,000 watch.

Southside also hopped on social media to clear the air about being painted as the bad guy in the exchange.

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“If you a bitch-ass n-gga, just stay the fuck from around me. I got enough bitches,” he said. “I don’t need more bitches around me… Just leave me the fuck alone. I don’t gotta be nobody’s friend. I’m rich, young, successful, I’m not a rapper. I’m a producer. I don’t have to do fucking interviews.

“For a n-gga to get on there saying he’s scared, you a hoe. You ain’t have to put it out, hoe-ass n-gga. Now I really want to press you because you a bitch. You a grown man… Herb wasn’t even doing nothing to that man. That’s how them folks play. It’s cool for a n-gga to get on there and say slick shit to a n-gga.”

He continued: “I fuck with Marco. Marco is still my n-gga. I don’t think he was uncomfortable. I think bro was all the way good. If he was uncomfortable it’s like alright, damn Marco, we didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

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