G Herbo Denies IG Rant Was About Chris Brown, Breezy Backs Him Up

Both men have denied that there’s any beef between them.

Both G Herbo and Chris Brown have dismissed any speculation that there is any bad blood between them. Fans first theorized that this may be the case after Herbo said “Imma slap the f-ck outta you” in an Instagram Story post that appeared to be responding to an interview by Brown in which he asked Funny Marco about being “bullied” by Herbo and Southside. However, Herbo denied this. “Im not talking bout no f-cking Chris. Stop posting this gang y’all reaching,” he wrote in the comments.

Furthermore, a separate post from Brown himself appeared to corroborate the Chicago rapper’s sentiment. “Y’all gotta chill wit the negative sh-t. HERBO IS MY REAL BLOODA. NOW YALL CAN GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AND CHILL DA F-CK OUT. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZUZZZ CHRIST,” Brown wrote on his own story. That should put any rumblings of a feud to bed, given that neither man in the “beef” appears to think there is one.

Herbo Gets Checked In Dating Show Fail

However, the allegations of beef with Breezy aren’t the only thing that people are coming after Herbo for. He recently took part in a YouTube dating show hosted by No Luv Mar. Entitled “20 WOMEN VS 1 RAPPER: G HERBO”, the show featured Herbo trying to find a new romantic partner before he heads to prison. However, while Herbo left the show alone, one interaction will stay with fans. The rapper cursed out one women after she asked him where he was from. The Chicago rapper was pretty offended that she didn”t know beforehand. “You ain’t look up nothing? Bye! How the f-ck you don’t know where I’m from and you talking to me? Get the f-ck on, bye!”

That wasn’t the end of the interaction, however, as the women didn’t leave without some parting shots of her own. “You could get the f-ck on! How the hell am I supposed to know where the f-ck you from? Don’t nobody know about you. Ain’t nobody looking sh*t up. Fuck you, n-gga. Light-skin a–. You look like Latto with your light-skin a–. Why your hairline so far back?” Regardless, as mentioned, he doesn’t have a lot of time for love right now. He is expected to begin a five-year prison sentence for fraud in the next few months.

Brown Backs Up Herbo

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