Furious Taylor Swift fans erupt over footage of woman ‘Shazaming’ one of her biggest hits at concert

Furious Taylor Swift fans have erupted over footage of a woman attempting to “Shazam” one of the pop star’s biggest hits during her sold-out Sydney tour.

The viral clip shows a middle-aged concertgoer using Shazam – a popular phone app that records music to identify songs – during a performance of Champagne Problems.

“Hope this lady found out what song it is,” the fan who posted the footage teased.

The innocent clip sparked a passionate response online, with thousands of diehard Swift fans saying the highly-coveted Eras tour ticket should have gone to a more passionate fan.

“Damn I lost the battle to Ticketmaster and spent ($1,000) on an aftermarket ticket to this,” one commenter lamented.


A woman holding a phone amidst a group of people in a stadium watching Taylor Swift perform Champagne Problems during her sold-out Sydney tour.

Another echoed: “I lost a ticket to THAT?” Her reaction was liked almost 10,000 times.

The lion’s share of commenters, however, were glad to see another member joining the immense Swiftie fraternity.

“This is actually so sweet – I’m sure she came with her daughter or someone and realized just how beautiful Taylor’s lyricism is,” one wrote.

“Imagine her experience of falling in love with this masterpiece live for the first time – what a truly blessed experience she has,” added another.

A woman holding a phone, trying to use Shazam during Taylor Swift's Champagne Problems performance at a sold-out Sydney tour.Taylor Swift performing on stage, singing into a microphone.

Others speculated the woman might have been a mother taking her child, hence her lack of knowledge of Swift’s back catalog.

While not at the dizzying heights of popularity like other hits like Anti-Hero or Cruel Summer, the 2020 track in question appeared on eight global charts for 27 weeks after its release and peaked at six in Canada and Ireland.

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