Fred Durst Revealed The Heartbreaking Truth About Limp Bizkit’s Feud With Eminem

Eminem took shots at Limp Bizkit during several songs in the past and Fred Durst once revealed how sad that made him.

After Eminem took the music world by storm in 1999, some people wrote him off as a flash in the pan who would likely be a one-hit-wonder. As Eminem went on to prove over and over again that he has the musical Midas touch, many people began recognizing him as an all-time great.

On top of releasing one hit song after another, Eminem also has become notorious for engaging in and creating lots of money from feuds. Unfortunately for Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit, they were on the receiving end of Eminem’s wrath and were heartbroken because of it.

What Happened With Limp Bizkit At Woodstock ’99?

From the moment that Fred Durst rose to fame, it has been pretty clear that he sees the value in making people mad. After all, Limp Bizkit saw their first success after releasing a cover of George Michael’s “Faith” which outraged many fans of the beloved pop star.

In fact, Durst and his Limp Bizkit bandmates became so good at making people mad that The Punk Rock MBA released a 17-minute YouTube video on the genius of their efforts. Given that Durst clearly seemed to delight in outraging people, it may seem like he would never be bothered by people hating him.

In reality, there have been several times when Durst made it clear that he was bothered by anger directed at him and his band. The perfect example of that is the fact that Durst has taken exception with the narrative that he is responsible for what happened at Woodstock ’99 during several interviews.

During a 2012 interview, Durst remarked, “When we were onstage, it was the greatest concert of all time. I had no idea that the finger would be pointed at me as a guy starting a riot. But I guess to this day, it’s going to be something that Limp Bizkit f**ked up.”

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Later during a Washington Post interview, Durst expressed his confusion that people think he should have stopped the anarchy he didn’t know was happening. “I didn’t see anybody getting hurt. You don’t see that. When you’re looking out on a sea of people and the stage is twenty feet in the air and you’re performing, and you’re feeling your music, how do they expect us to see something bad going on?”

In 2013, Fred Durst took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. After a fan asked about it, Durst yet again addressed what happened at Woodstock ’99. That time, Durst expressed his frustrations with someone he clearly thinks played a role in Limp Bizkit being blamed for what happened.

“The craziest art of the aftermath from Woodstock was how much of spineless twirp Kurt Loder was. I grew up watching him on MTV and felt he had a great sensibility about him. How he reacted and focused on LB felt like an in the moment knee jerk that could’ve been handled differently, on his end. I have nothing personal against him. He helps mold and shape my coming of age.”

Even though Durst called Loder a “twirp”, the fact that he stated he has nothing personal against him proves that the Limp Bizkit frontman can be cool-headed. Later during the same AMA session, Durst was asked about one of the most high-profile feuds he ever was a part of. Durst’s response yet again painted him as a lot more easygoing than most people think.

What Happened Between Eminem And Fred Durst From Limp Bizkit?

During Eminem’s incredibly successful career, he has gotten into many vicious feuds with his peers. While these beefs usually simmer down over time, it typically seems like Eminem and his enemy walk away from the situation with a lot of anger for each other.

jazmine garcia on X: "might be a dumb high theory but I feel like every  e-boy between ages 19-25 has taken direct inspo from 90s Eminem & I cant  shake this theory.

On the other end of the spectrum, based on Fred Durst’s past, it appears to be obvious that he doesn’t want to hold onto anger and drama. For proof of that, all anyone has to do is look at the history of Durst’s past feud with Slipknot.

In 1999, Durst allegedly said something very derogatory about Slipknot’s fans. “Slipknot fans are a bunch of fat, ugly kids.” When word got out that Durst reportedly said that, it obviously sparked outrage among the members of Slipknot and their followers.

During a TV appearance, members of Slipknot were asked about Durst’s rumored comments. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor seemed diplomatic at first, but before the subject was changed, he became so angry that he threatened Durst’s life.

Even though tensions between Durst and Slipknot were alarmingly high, the Limp Bizkit frontman made efforts to put the drama behind them. Ultimately Durst and Taylor were able to make peace, and there are even photos of Durst hanging out with members of Slipknot that have been posted on social media.

During Durst’s aforementioned Reddit Ask Me Anything session, he was asked about arguably his most talked about feud.

When Limp Bizkit released their music video for the song “Break Stuff”, Eminem made a cameo appearance. On top of that, Eminem once contributed to a Limp Bizkit song titled “Turn Me Loose” which went unreleased.

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Before DJ Lethal joined Limp Bizkit, he was in the group House of Pain with Everlast. When Eminem and Limp Bizkit were still friends, he got into a beef with Everlast and decided to call him out in a song.

According to Eminem, Durst and DJ Lethal told him they would be on the song dissing Everlast, but they backed out. After that, Durst and DJ Lethal were interviewed on MTV and were asked about Everlast and Eminem’s feud. While DJ Lethal said that Eminem would win lyrically, he stated his opinion that Everlast would beat him up in a fight.

Outraged by DJ Lethal’s comments, Eminem was so mad that he included a song called “Girls” on D12’s “Devil’s Night” album. As anyone who has heard “Girls” will know, the song is a vicious diss track directed at Durst and DJ Lethal.

When Durst was asked about feuding with Eminem during his AMA, he didn’t express any anger at the famous rapper. Instead, Durst only expressed how hurtful he found Eminem’s song and how sad he is that they can’t be friends.

“I haven’t heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don’t speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were.”

Durst continued, “I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I’ve learned there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He is definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.”

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