Former NBA Star Reveals Shocking Story About Referee Scott Foster & Chris Paul’s Son That Ignited Their Highly-Publicized Feud (VIDEO)

The rivalry between NBA point guard Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster is alive and well.

A recent game between the Golden State Warriors and Paul’s former team, the Phoenix Suns, prompted the latest showdown between the two as the guard was ejected for arguing a call and then referring to Foster as a “B.”


Chris Paul arguing with Scott Foster

An incensed Paul had to be held back as he appeared as if he might rough the official up if he got the opportunity.

CP3 would later tell reporters that the NBA is aware of the reason for their feud, claiming it involves his son. He was also seen complaining about Foster mentioning his kid right after the ejection.

On a recent episode of his ‘Gil’s Arena’ podcast, Arenas and co-host Josiah Johnson discussed the incident, with Johnson revealing where the beef stems from.

“The situation with his son, I believe after a game, Little Chris was playing in the tunnel. Scott Foster, in the car with the other refs, rolls up to him, honks the horn at him, yells at him ‘Get the F out the way!’ and some other expletives,” Johnson said.

Situation with my son": Chris Paul shockingly reveals NBA is aware of his  'personal' beef with Scott Foster

“To a little kid!” Arenas added.

“CP3 finds out about that. Naturally, like any of us would do with our kids, is not particularly happy about that.”

Arenas noted that Paul also claimed that Foster has approached him before games to remind him of the fact that he’s mostly on the losing end whenever the latter is in charge of a matchup, which is also quite weird.

“There’s that playoff game… I think it was against the Spurs, when he went up to him and said ‘Aye, you know you haven’t won against me in closeout games’. Boom, loss…

Chris Paul shouts profanities at his bitter rival, NBA referee Scott Foster  after getting ejected by him

“The league had to step in because Chris Paul wanted to put them hands on him, as he should.”

Of course, there is a simple solution to this. The NBA just needs to ensure Foster doesn’t work any game CP3 is playing in. However, Adam Silver doesn’t seem like he wants to do anything about the growing feud.

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