Former All-Star pitcher unloads on Anthony Rendon, who seems to hate playing baseball

The Los Angeles Angels third baseman just wants to get paid and go home, something Jonathan Papelbon hates.

Jonathan Papelbon played with Anthony Rendon on the Washington...

Anthony Rendon made waves a few days ago due to some eye-opening comments that enraged baseball fans and Los Angeles Angels supporters.

Rendon told reporters during camp that baseball has “never been a top priority for me” and that it’s just a job he does to make a living“My faith, my family come first before this job.” Most would agree family always comes first, but Rendon comes across as someone who doesn’t enjoy playing baseball, which in turn affects his job performance.

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Jonathan Papelbon unleashes on Anthony Rendon

In the fallout, Jonathan Papelbon – who was Rendon’s teammate while with the Washington Nationals – came out and destroyed Rendon on air.

It drives me absolutely nuts… if this is what you believe, just keep your damn mouth shut. To me that’s just a cancer in the clubhouse. When I played with Rendon, every single day he showed up, it was like a chore… He’s not as successful as he really, truly could be… at the end of the day he doesn’t give a sh**.

Papelbon mentions he would try to get rid of Rendon as fast as possible if he was the Angels GM. The problem is Rendon is under contract for three more reasons at an insane $38 million per year rate.

Considering Rendon has only played in 200 out of a possible 648 games through his first four seasons in Los Angeles, there likely won’t be a single suitor for his services in a potential trade.


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