First on ABC: Newly released footage shows raid of home searched in Tupac Shakur murder case

Police have released the body camera footage in the recent nighttime search of a Las Vegas-area home in connection with the Tupac Shakur murder investigation.

The videos, first obtained by ABC News, show the perspective of police the moment Las Vegas SWAT members moved into the home of Duane Keith Davis — known as Keffe D or Keefy D — on July 17. Davis, 60, has said he is one of two living eyewitnesses to the 1996 drive-by shooting of Tupac in Las Vegas.

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In the video, you can see police lights flashing as law enforcement call over a bullhorn for those inside to come out, including Davis.

“This is the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department, we have a search warrant for the residence, you need to come out with your hands up,” they say repeatedly.

As police dogs are barking, you hear police saying, “Open the front door, we have a search warrant come out with your hands up, go head and open up that door,” they say. “Walk back to the sound of my voice.”

Nearly 13 hours of video were released in response to a public records request by ABC News. The video has been redacted — it goes black and silent — when SWAT team members are on private property, but otherwise shows the raid take place and Davis talking to police outside of his Henderson home.

Magazine articles about Tupac and his death were among the items seized by police from the home in connection with the decades-old murder case, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told ABC News. The search warrant listed a “copy of ‘Vibe magazine’ on Tupac” among the items seized.

The search of the residence is being viewed as a success, according to the official, though detectives doubt any of the belongings retrieved could present a direct link between the target of the investigation and the drive-by shooting that killed Tupac.

ABC News has learned bullets retrieved in the search of the home did not match the shell casings from the crime scene.

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In addition to the magazine articles on Tupac, items retrieved from the home included computers, hard drives and pictures from the 1990s that apparently show individuals who might have been connected to people directly or indirectly involved in the drive-by shooting, the official said. A copy of Davis’ book, “Compton Street Legend,” was also seized, according to the official and the search warrant.

Las Vegas Police are continuing to investigate the case. A grand jury will help decide whether charges are filed. No charges have been filed.

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Investigators have long believed the gunman is likely already dead, the victim of a separate shooting two years after the Vegas drive-by. The current investigation could lead to a determination of who was in the car with the gunman when the rounds were fired that killed Tupac. That could lead to someone being charged as an accomplice.

The celebrated hip-hop artist was shot on Sept. 7, 1996, in Las Vegas and died in the hospital six days later from his injuries at the age of 25.

Tupac had attended a boxing match with Suge Knight in Vegas the day he was shot. He was in a black sedan on Las Vegas Boulevard when a white Cadillac pulled up alongside and someone opened fire.

Months after the Tupac drive-by, rapper Christopher Wallace — aka the Notorious B.I.G. — was shot and killed in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. That shooting is widely believed to have been connected to Tupac’s murder and also remains unsolved.

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