Fast & Furious Already Has The Perfect Replacement For Vin Diesel (& It’s Toretto Himself)

The Fast and Furious film franchise needs to end, but that doesn’t mean new stories can’t be made, even ones about the original characters.

Although the Fast & Furious film franchise definitely needs to come to an end, there are still plenty of ways that the legacy of the movies can continue to live on, particularly when it comes to the series’ main characters. The Fast and the Furious is a 2001 movie that jumpstarted a long-running franchise that centers on street racing, action, and family. Most recently, Fast X became the tenth main film in the Fast & Furious franchise, and as of now, two more films are set to be released, ultimately bringing the franchise to a close.

Despite the fact that Fast & Furious has been going for over twenty years, Hollywood and the franchise’s creators are hesitant to let the series go. At first, Fast X and its untitled sequel, Fast & Furious 11 were going to end the franchise, however a twelfth movie was later tacked on, making it a three-part conclusion. Most likely, this ending will be an epic one that culminates all the best and most exciting parts of the franchise into one (or three) films. However, Fast & Furious doesn’t have to completely end with Fast & Furious 12. The story can go on in many new and interesting ways.

A Young Dominic Toretto Movie Would Be Perfect After Fast & Furious Ends

Dominic Toretto looking angry in Fast X

One especially exciting avenue the Fast & Furious franchise could go down is making a Dominic Toretto prequel movie. Toretto has been the main character of the franchise since the fourth installment, Fast & Furious, and so it would make sense for his character to continue being centerstage of the franchise in the next project, even if it isn’t Vin Diesel playing him. A prequel is a good idea because it would be able to explore a different area of Fast & Furious that the movies have never been able to. The familial themes would be at all-time high, and a coming-of-age approach could be really fresh and interesting.

If this prequel were to happen, the storyline should follow Dom Toretto’s backstory in the years before his father died. This actually gives the prequel plenty of wiggle room to explore all sorts of storylines from Dom’s childhood up through his adolescence. Though Dom’s age isn’t entirely clear throughout the franchise, his father likely died when Dom was between the ages of 12 and 15. Therefore, the movie or series could see the relationship between Dom and his father, how it relates to racing, and the ways in which Dom became the man that he is during the Fast & Furious franchise.

A Dominic Toretto Prequel Would Solve Fast & Furious’ Cast Problem

Fast and Furious Cast

While the Fast & Furious franchise needs to end for several reasons, one of them is that the cast is no longer as cooperative as it used to be. Though not every Fast & Furious movie has the same cast members, there are actors who often return, and unfortunately, many of them disagree or do not get along. For instance, there have long been rumors that Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have a feud, though Johnson just reentered the franchise at the end of Fast X. Fortunately though, this issue would not have to persist if the franchise delved into a prequel film or television series.

A Dom Toretto prequel would need an entirely new cast, which would help to solve the Fast & Furious franchises’ cast problem. The usual cast members could end their tenure with the franchise, but their characters could live on via younger actors. This would be something of a win-win for the actors and the audiences as they get more Fast & Furious content without the actors having to remain with the franchise. A new cast would also help expand on the Fast & Furious characters. Seeing them in a younger state will allow audiences to see new sides of them that the original franchise might not have been able to before.

A Fast & Furious Prequel Could Bring The Franchise Back To Its Roots

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto and Michelle Rodriguez as Letty in The Fast and the Furious 2001

Making a Fast & Furious prequel could ultimately bring the franchise to an entirely new era. While the franchise has recently had major projects with vast casts and intense action sequences, a prequel could go back to the series’ humble roots. The prequel would be low stakes, straightforward, and heavily focused on themes of family and friendship. In a sense, a Fast & Furious prequel could be a sort of reboot for the series. As Fast X and its sequels bring the Fast & Furious franchise to its epic climax, the prequel could bring it back down to a slow and thoughtful new starting point.

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