“Farted on my chest”: Kevin Hart drops insane story about moment with Anthony Davis

Kevin Hart can tickle the funny bone. And the actor/comedian did just that when he revealed a funny story about Anthony Davis and the time the LA Lakers big man let one rip on Hart during a game a few years ago.

Speaking on ESPN’s NBA Unplugged segment, the ‘Jumanji’ star revealed how Davis farted when he fell on him while playing, and while at it, had a bit of fun when he got to knew it was Hart who he had tripped on.

And Hart’s story is one which Davis might respond to at some point in the days to come:

“[Anthony Davis] farted on my chest on that one. True story.”

Hart was one of the celebrities who were tapped to share his thoughts in the recently concluded 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament. As for Davis, the Lakers superstar was crucial to the team’s 123-109 win against the Indiana Pacers in which he dished out a monstrous 40-point performance studded with 20 points and 5 assists.

Kevin Hart was not pleased with some sloppy play by the Lakers during the game

He may have only played for the celeb teams during the All-Star weekend, but Kevin Hart knows his ball game, and the starting PG for the celeb sides minced no words when he called out D’Angelo Russell for missing a free throw.

During the 10:51 mark of the first quarter, D’Angelo Russell drove to the basket and got a foul on Bruce Brown that earned him two shots from the charity stripe. The first free throw clattered off the rim and Hart was upset.
“This is frustrating to me. When I see point guards missing foul shots that is extremely frustrating to me.”
By his admission, he revealed a staggering stat line and left the audience in splits.

“I shot 99% from the line, when I played in the church league,” Kevin Hart claimed. “I can give you Deacon Johnson’s number, I can give you Pastor Rob’s number… my numbers were strong. 99% from the line.”
Over the years, Hart has made a name for himself with his witty wisecracks on NBA stars and players. Earlier, he made fun of LeBron James and his receding hairline, and that after claiming that the Lakers superstar was one of his good friends.

It’s worth noting that Kevin Hart and James share a great relationship. They have been spotted together many times before, especially during games. Hart has often attended Lakers’ games since James moved to LA in 2018. So, rest assured that James won’t be taking any offense, nor Davis for that matter.

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