“Explosive Revelation: Leaked Audio Suggests Remy Ma’s Infidelity, Allegedly Sparking the Assault on Battle Rapper Eazy the Block Captain”

Battle rapper John John Da Don may have substantiated a lingering rumor regarding a love triangle involving rappers Remy Ma, her husband Papoose, and Eazy the Block Captain.

Early Saturday, Dec. 16, hours before his anticipated rap battle against Eazy, John John Da Don released audio in which a man, presumably Eazy the Block Captain, confesses to an affair with Remy, who is also his manager. In the audio clips, the man discloses why Papoose punched him in the mouth earlier in the year after Remy’s Chrome 23 battle league’s “The Grudge Card” on June 17.

The audio appears to have been secretly recorded by an associate of Eazy, who appeared in several episodes of Will Smith’s “Bel-Air” series that streamed on Peacock.

The audio marks the first time fans have heard Eazy say that Papoose assaulted him.

In the first clip, Eazy says he asked someone, presumably Remy, “How is it going to work, though? Even if you go back with the boul?”

The artist then paints a scenario, “I’ll come out, explain everything that happened. Yo, we was f—king with each other. You cheating on the boul… Let’s say ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ pick it up… Y’all get back together… I get a bag.”

In his mind, according to the audio, he would be “lit” and known as the guy who cheated with one of the biggest female rappers to come out of the Bronx.

In the following recording, he appears to mention the altercation between him and Papoose.

“I am saying, I was too comfortable. I should have knew he be in f—king New York. He in Remy jawn. I know he know I’m f—king his b—ch. I knew this n—ga would’ve been plotting one me because I would’ve been doing the same thing,” he says.

In the third clip released Eazy says, “No blood. No nothing. No blood. No scratch. No nothing, n—ga, and he had a two clean jawns,” he says in reference to the punches.

Eazy has since taken to social media to address the posted recordings, confirming it is his voice in the audio. However, the Philly rapper says the recordings are edited.

“You really dropped an edited this recording on me. this not going to end good for u,” he wrote in John John Da Don’s Instagram comments. He then commented to another user, “All the recordings they got from is edited.. you will never hear the real recording ever cause they don’t want you to hear that.”


Speculation has been circulating, suggesting that Remy Ma may have been unfaithful to her husband of 15 years with the Ultimate Rap League-contracted rapper Eazy the Block Captain. Although whispers of this clandestine relationship have persisted, the “Conceited” recording artist consistently haa denied these rumors, dismissing them as false.

Gossip YouTuber Tasha K jumped on the story after another battler, Geechi Gotti, brought it up during her “I Do What I Want” card on Sept. 16.

Both Remy and Eazy have had a united front, denying the rumor— dismissing it as battle rap angling. However, Papoose remained quiet. Now the clips released on the Bullpen League owner’s Instagram seem to tell a different story.

Previously, he said that no one ever hit him. OTFMZ posted a clip where he says: “1) I did not get into no fight with nobody. 2) Nobody has ever knocked me out ever in life. Period.”

Fans on social media weighed in through the comments sections of various blogs.

“I respect Papoose for not even making a statement,” one person said on Tasha K’s Instagram profile. Another added, “Remy took the Biggest L with s—t… and to release this s—t on the golden child’s bday weekend is wild as f—k… meanwhile you ni–as talk TOO MUCH… and ALL YOU NI–AS IS FEDS who the fuck is recording conversations.. smdh.”

“Yo this clown talking bout getting love and hip hop money in the first clip i can’t,” one person commenting wrote.

Remy Ma has not responded to the audio.

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