Explore the $185 мιllιon Private Jet of Rap Superstar Drake

Spotlight on Drake’s Remarkable $185 мιllιon Private Jet.

The high-flying world of rap superstar Drake has been making waves with his astounding $185 мιllιon private jet, now making a splash at Mirabel Airport.

Conheça em detalhes o luxuoso Boeing 767 VIP de US$ 185 milhões do cantor Drake

Dubbed the Air Drake, this Boeing 767 jet underwent a remarkable transformation in 2020, all thanks to the creative touch of the late fashion icon, Virgil Abloh. Abloh’s involvement lent not only a luxurious touch but also contributed to the jet’s staggering price tag.

Interestingly, Drake didn’t have to worry about the financial aspect of this makeover, as the jet was a gift presented to him free of charge. The generosity behind the gesture is truly noteworthy.

Rap-Up on Twitter: "Drake now has his own private plane called "Air Drake" ️ https://t.co/R6nYgh2kJS https://t.co/jsJNSmK5DD" / Twitter

Formerly the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh left an indelible mark on the jet’s design before his untimely passing in 2021. Abloh and Drake collaborated closely to create an unparalleled aircraft, a true masterpiece.

When envisioning the overhaul of the massive Boeing 767, Abloh drew inspiration from the cover art of Drake’s popular album ‘Nothing Was the Same.’ The album’s imagery, depicting serene blue skies and billowing white clouds, became the muse for this extraordinary transformation.

Drake's $185 million private jet spotted at Mirabel Airport

Drake’s Air Drake is more than just a jet; it’s a symbol of innovation, luxury, and creative synergy between two remarkable talents. Its presence at Mirabel Airport is a testament to the heights that both Drake and Abloh were able to reach together.


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