EPMD’s Erick Sermon Explains How Joint With Eminem and Nas Came Together

Since “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”, Eminem has been releasing only joints — to support young rappers or to connect with hip hop legends. “EPMD 2” with Nas fits into the second category.

Marshall credits EPMD for being one of the most influential hip hop groups that have cemented rap’s place in pop culture. Em said on his “Music To Be Quarantined By” radio show on Shade45:

The first time I saw this video, EPMD had done something to me that had not been done yet in hip-hop. It was the way that they mixed funk, the beats with mellow vocal tones. That shit was so crazy because I don’t think anybody had done that yet at that time. And it was just swag the fuck out. This is when you knew that hip hop was not going away.

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Later, he used the opportunity to record a verse for Nas’s “EPMD 2” to pay homage to hip hop legends who inspired generations. The track was released on Nas’s album “King’s Disease II”.

Now, Erick Sermon, one half of an iconic hip hop group from Brentwood, told on the Math Hoffa’s podcast that he had no idea that Eminem would be on the track. Eric explains how his verse would have been different if only he had not known about Em’s involvement:

Nas had called for permission to use EPMD’s name. That happened. And then Hit-Boy was like, “Yo, you wanna jump on the record?” I’m like, “Hell yeah”. I jumped on the song.

I really didn’t know about what to do, so I was trying to go on what Nas was talking about. It was COVID. So, this shit was going on. I was trying to be political with that. I probably would have come different.

People Are Losing Their Minds Over Eminem's Verse On His Nas Collab 'EPMD 2'

Knowing that Eminem was coming up behind me. So, you know, MCs like, “I don’t give a fuck if I can’t get him”. I’m not gonna do that. If I know that Em is right there.

And when, Nas said, “Oh yeah, Eric, I put Em on the record”. I was like, “Huh?!” We had 16 [bars] but he cut it because, you know, Em, he goes long. So, {Nas] only gave us eight. But it was cool. I respect that he called it “EPMD”. That was cool.

But if the track was going, look:

I’m back well rested time invested
I’m the one requested number one suggested

Sermon open your books is mid turn
Hoffa is our term
I’m from the golden era in 80s baby
way before TI way before Shady
way before Luda way before baby
I rock now for those who can’t lately
I’m from the N.E.W. New York C.I.T.Y.
Now y’all see why we fly
I rock Bells with L, I did tours with Run [DMC]
I did this for fun years before Pun
Ask how many guns I hold I’m like three.
I nickname De La Sol
Pluck one pluck two three in your chest

I would have kept saying metaphors, I would have kept going. Causse, I’m here, I wrote the whole thing. I would have went on ’cause I’m not afraid.

Eric’s lyrical power was often left underappreciated because people saw him as a beatmaker first of all. It is not like Eric has a point to prove, but going against Eminem, having said those bars, would have definitely got him more authority on the track.

Watch the video below:

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