Eminem’s former wife revealed shocking news about Eminem

In an interview, Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers spilled the beans on how the rappers used to treat her after he got famous. Read on for more. Eminem and his former wife Kim Scott, also known as Kim Mathers, are trying to blur their differences as they were recently spotted at their niece’s wedding. The rapper’s company apparently also approved a massive loan to help her buy a house. Things, however, were difficult a few years ago when the two constantly fought, leading to their divorce, public spats and even Eminem brutally dissing Kim in his songs. Scroll down to know more.

Eminem's Former Wife Once Revealed "He Is Disrespecting Me In The Worst Way  Possible In Front Of Millions" Over Getting Dissed, Humiliated & Embarrassed

In one of her earlier interviews, Kim Mathers revealed how Eminem used to belittle her and how he changed after becoming famous. For the unversed, Eminem and Kim first got married in 1999 until 2001. The two again tried to reconnect and make their relationship work and got back together again in 2006. However, they ended up parting ways a year later.

According to The Things, Eminem’s former wife Kim Mathers shared in an interview how the rapper was before fame. “If he got kicked out, then I would walk the streets with him until he found a place to live, or if I got kicked out, he was always there for me,” revealed Kim adding, “It was just a close connection.” Kim shared that Eminem changed after getting famous. “He would constantly try to belittle me and make me think, like, I should be grateful, basically, that he was with me,” said Kim.

Eminem Humiliating Former Wife Kim Mathers On Diss Songs Left Her Embarrassed Since He Was Supposed To Protect Her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Eminem’s former wife, Kim Mathers, hinted that she stayed in the marriage in order to not feel lonely. I had low self-esteem. I just really wanted attention and love from somebody.” However, Eminem attacking a man he saw kissing Kim led to their divorce. She also recalled how the Oscar-winning rap star handled a dispute between her and his brother.

Eminem's Ex-Wife Kim Scott Spotted In Rare Outing Rocking New Look

“There was a disagreement between me and his brother,” said Kim adding, “Inappropriate behavior that his brother had. That’s what it was. The next morning, there was a note in the bathroom that said, ‘I’m going to the other house. I need to clear my head.’”

She continued, “I’m so confused about the whole thing. He didn’t even come around for a month after that. He didn’t come to see the kids, he wasn’t calling me. He didn’t return phone calls, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. Then his attorney’s assistant comes to the door and serves me papers.”

If this was not enough, Eminem frequently dissed Kim Mathers in his songs which bothered her a lot. In an interview, she revealed, “I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. I cried.” She added, “This is supposed to be a man that loves me, and is supposed to protect me from being hurt, and here he is disrespecting me in the worst way possible in front of millions of people, and in front of our kids, my family, my friends.”

In 2017, Eminem finally apologized for the way he treated his ex with the help of a song called Bad Husband from his album Revival.

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