Eminem’s death hoax infuriates fans – here’s how the fake news spread online. What’s going on?

Rumours surrounding the false death of legendary rapper Eminem have engulfed social media, sparking scepticism and outrage among fans worldwide. The confusion arose as Google searches for the artist displayed a deceiving death date, alleging he passed away on December 10th, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin.

The uproar began when an account, Pop Base, on the social media platform X, highlighted that Eminem’s Wikipedia page listed his false death date. Google searches further fueled the confusion, displaying erroneous information and leading fans to believe the rapper had passed away.

Confira a matéria do Eminem em suas próprias palavras na revista da XXL (edição de 25 anos) - Eminem Brasil

Angered by the misinformation, netizens took to social media to express their frustration and disbelief. Strong reactions flooded X, condemning the person responsible for editing the Wikipedia page and causing the distressing frenzy.

Several users vented their outrage, with one condemning the act and another expressing shock at the false information circulating on Google.

One of the users wrote, “Google saying #Eminem died… what kind of f**kery is this? #Google #RIPEminem” A second user posted, “Whoever edited Eminem‘s wiki to say he died, buzz you. I nearly had a heart attack.” Another mentioned, “What is this Eminem died stuff on Google? There’s no way it’s real..”

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WOAH WHY GOOGLE SAID EMINEM DIED ??!? pic.twitter.com/kF9q3awJuz

— #Justice4BigBarbie (@BarbieProphet) December 10, 2023

This incident isn’t the first time Eminem has been subject to false death reports. A conspiracy theory dating back to 2006 suggests that the current Eminem is a clone, igniting sporadic false death rumours over the years.

In August this year, similar false reports surfaced, once again causing “RIP Eminem” to trend on social media.

Despite the fervour on social media, there have been no official reports confirming Eminem’s death, and it only appears that the misinformation stemmed from an erroneous edit on his Wikipedia page.

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