Eminem was surprised to discover that he and Lil Wayne had the same strange habits when making music

Eminem was surprised to discover that he and Lil Wayne had the same strange habits when making music!

Eminem was taken aback to discover that he and Lil Wayne have the same awkward habit.


It makes Lil Wayne and Eminem much more relatable since they both use a similar rapping approach.



Eminem and Lil Wayne are often included together in rankings of the best rappers, the G.O.A.T.S. of the rap game. Eminem and Lil Wayne have always lived up to the enormous anticipation around them, therefore it is hard to аrgue against Billboard’s ranking of both rappers as the best of all time.





Rapper Eminem, who is controversial and very skilled, broke through in the rap world as a young lad. Em is without a doubt the greatest of all time because of his worldwide singles, including “The Slim Shady LP,” “Recovery,” and “The Marshall Mathers LP,” which have earned him Grammy honors and the title of “Rap God,” a world record holder. Even 50 Cent and other A-list performers believe that Eminem had a significant influence on their careers.





Lil Wayne is a phenomenal lyricist who is up there with Eminem in terms of skill and ability to create mind-blowing verses. The rapper laid the groundwork for other rappers like Nicki Minaj and Drake to become international superstars with his Young Money/Cash Money record company. Em and Lil Wayne are gifted lyricists, but they also have an odd propensity of forgetting the words to their most well-known songs.





The fact that Em and Lil Wayne sometimes forget their own lyrics and have to look them up on the internet could surprise fans. Although the songs may be well-known to fans, the performers seem to find them difficult.





Em reminded everyone that he is human in 2017 during the Bellahouston Park event in Glasgow. Eminem was heard fumbling over his lines and losing his voice while singing his Һit song Stan.





During their discussion about their songs on Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne’s Apple songs Show, Wayne and Eminem acknowledged that they had looked up their own lyrics.





“I literally, bro, if you look through my phone history with my Google history and you press ‘L,’ first thing that will come up is Lil Wayne lyrics,” Wayne said to his visitor.He went on, “I have to really Google my lyrics to make sure I haven’t said anything before.





“Oh my gosh! “I promise to God, I also do that,” Eminem said.







This is how Eminem and Wayne make sure they don’t write the same lyrics again while they’re composing new songs. But they can certainly get away with sometimes missing the words since they have enormous music libraries that include more than 200 tracks.





For Lil Wayne, it may also be the result of a behavior he picked up from Jay-Z: not recording his rap lyrics.





Eminem Has Previously Experienced Memory Loss



Eminem’s memory issues can possibly affect his capacity to recall his rhymes.





Not only song lyrics are something Eminem has trouble remembering. The vocalist of “Rap God” sometimes appears to have memory problems. Over the course of his lengthy career, Em has been so immersed in many things that certain events—like his participation in Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” video—have passed his recollection.





In addition to these little incidents of forgetfulness, Eminem’s protracted bаttle with prescription medication addiction resulted in severe memory loss.





When discussing his road to recovery, Eminem said to Rolling Stone, “I don’t know if it sounds like I’m making excuses, but the absolute trutҺ is a lot of my memory is gone.”





“I’m not sure if you’ve ever used Ambien, but it functions something like a memory eraser. I lost five years of my life because of that s***. People will tell me things and I’ll be like, ‘I did that?’ The rapper said, “I saw myself doing this thing on BET recently, and I was like, ‘When was that?’”





Eminem Is Amazed by This Lil Wayne Lyric - XXLStrangely, Lil Wayne has acknowledged having memory loss issues as well.





It’s impossible to deny how much these two rappers admire one another. You can see they appreciate one other as artists based on their comments about one another. They really like each other’s music and have worked together on three tracks.





Lil Wayne Says He Was Scared the First Time He Worked with Eminem“Bro Wayne just said, ‘I got a bag of new funyuns and a bunch of zeros!’” Why hadn’t I considered that? Rapper Eminem posted on X (formerly Twitter).





What Lil Wayne, the singer of “Lollipop,” thinks of Eminem is evident in a widely shared video in which he reacts to Gucci being in the top 5, rather than Eminem. He shows amazement in the video, asking, “Gucci who? Eminem wasn’t on the list, but Gucci Mane was?






In a different incident, Wayne recognized Eminem’s skill and recalled their initial meeting, adding, “I was actually scаred when I called Eminem for a song.” It is a mоnstrоsity. He must possess the same verbal gift that I have. We just can’t seem to get them out of our minds. All aspects and meanings of them. We hear things that rhyme. I am already aware of both his blessing and his curse. And I like hearing how he constructs it.”

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