Eminem Showed No Hesitation Walking Off The Stage During His Concert After Fans Misinterpreted One Of His Gestures

Eminem does this gesture during most shows, but fans on the day might not have been accustomed to it, and took it as disrespect.

It isn’t just during a performance, but we’ve seen several artists walk out of awkward situations in the past. Taylor Swift herself walked out of an interview after the person was insistent on asking the same question, despite Taylor’s willingness to move on.As for Eminem, the rapper has been involved with some controversial on-stage moments in the past.

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We’re going to take a closer look at one in particular that took place during his concert in Hawaii. It seems like fans were too aggressive and overly excited, and that might stem from a certain gesture Eminem did during his performance. As it turns out, Em does this gesture during most shows, but fans on the day might not have been accustomed to it, and might’ve taken it as disrespect. Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

Eminem Has A History Of Calling Out Fans, Including A Moment In San Francisco That Saw The Rapper Leave The Stage To Approach A Heckler

We turn the calendar back to the late ’90s. These two separate situations show how much Eminem has grown since then, to now. As we’re going to reveal later, Eminem took a calm approach and walked off the stage after getting hit with a record. However, in this particular case back in 1999, Eminem felt the need to leave the stage and blast a heckler…

MTV detailed the situation, “Eminem got into a yelling match with two patrons who were heckling the 24-year-old MC during his performance at the Fillmore Auditorium.”

As expected, Em got in a few verbal jabs. “You paid for my show, so why are you talking so much sh–?” He continued, “I could get all these motherf—— in this place [the rest of the audience] to kick your ass if we wanted.”

The rapper was completely hot in the moment – however, he’s handling things differently nowadays…

Fans Think Eminem’s Middle Finger Gesture In Honolulu, Hawaii Was Misinterpreted By The Fans

Back in 2019, Eminem took to Honolulu, Hawaii for a performance. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, and the audience was completely into it. However, things would take a turn when Eminem was struck by an object during his concert. It was later deemed that he was hit with a record.

Fans have a lot of opinions on what had taken place. Some blame the moment on fans misinterpreting Eminem’s middle finger gesture. It was said that some in the audience did not appreciate it, and took it as disrespect. However, the gesture is part of Eminem’s act, and has been for years.

Fans defended Em’s gesture in the comments of the video that has nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

One fan writes, “This was my first concert of one of my favorite artists. Was a great experience but I remember seeing this happen and felt bad for how Em got treated at the end, because from what I could see it looked like he was speaking to a fan but then people started throwing shit at him for whatever bullshit reason.”

The fan continues, “Em giving the finger is not meant as disrespect to the crowd or anyone, he does that everywhere he performs because of his “idgaf” image, it’s what his fans know him for. Those who took it the wrong way should’ve known what they were in for instead of getting mad at an artist for doing what he always does because of their own misconceptions.”

Credit to Eminem who has really matured, handling the situation in the calmest way possible and simply walking off the stage.

Reports Suggest An Overly Eager Fan Threw A Record For Eminem To Sign

Other reports claim the rapper was hit by a record, among other things… It is believed that an excited fan wanted Eminem to sign his record, but basically launched it at him. An onlooker cleared up the story, stating that the record did strike Eminem, but it wasn’t the only thing to hit the star.

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The fan writes, “Guys, just to clear things up – it’s not a notebook – it’s a Royce da 5’9 “Book of Ryan” vinyl. You can see a picture of a guy holding it in the front row in the official concert photos. I honestly don’t even think Marshall cared about that hitting him until after you can see people throwing what looks like scrunched up paper and/or allegedly popcorn at 1:35 and that’s what disrespected him – rightly so.”

He continues, “Yes, too many people got excited and ruined the moment for the one lucky Stan. Honestly, I thought the fan should have just given whatever it was to the security that was lined in front of the stage and ask them to pass it to Marshall.”

An act of kindness from Eminem signing things for the fans quickly took a turn for the worst. Nonetheless, it was another learning experience for the rapper and those around him.

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