Eminem reached the milestone of 78.000.000 followers on Spotify, being named the most talented rapper in the American music industry

Eminem reached the milestone of 78.000.0000 followers on Spotify, being named the most talented rapper in the American music industry!

Marshall’s Spotify following has witnessed a staggering surge, with an impressive addition of 3 million users in just the past three months. Back in August, we marveled at Eminem reaching the milestone of 75 million followers, and a quick calculation reveals an astounding daily gain of over 30 thоusand new followers. To put this into perspective, that’s equivalent to filling an entire NFL stadium every single day with fans hitting the “follow” button on Eminem’s page.

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Rapper Eminem: Ông hoàng của âm nhạc giận dữ | ELLE Man Việt NamEven more remarkable is the fact that Eminem continues to climb the ranks as one of the most followed artists on Spotify, securing the 7th position on the list. Amidst a musical landscape dominated by new-generation artists, Marshall stands out as the only pre-streaming era artist effortlessly competing without the need for new releases.


Despite the absence of fresh music, Eminem’s popularity remаins unwavering, setting him apart in a league of his own. The Spotify leaderboard showcases familiar names, with Taylor Swift making swift advances, yet Eminem’s consistent rise is a testament to his enduring influence.

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The current Spotify rankings boast an impressive lineup:


Ed Sheeran — 115,179,688 followers


Ariana Grande — 94,628,701 followers


Arijit Singh — 94,343,478 followers


Taylor Swift — 91,680,193 followers


Billie Eilish — 88,444,109 followers


Drake — 81,558,952 followers


Eminem — 78,107,939 followers


Bad Bunny — 76,282,527 followers


Justin Bieber — 74,487,050 followers


The Weeknd — 74,083,387 followers


Eminem review: The rap god lives in the moment, as his fans grow youngerEminem’s enduring appeal and the remarkable growth in his Spotify following illustrate the enduring power of his music in the digital age.

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