Eminem Praises New Lil Wayne Lyric

This past week was one of the most eventful, musically, for Lil Wayne in the past few years. Along with putting out his new mixtape Tha Fix Before Tha VI, he also appeared on a new collaborative project from West Coast rappers YG and Tyga. And, for his contribution to the LP, Wayne was able to impress a fellow hip-hop legend.

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On YG and Tyga’s “Brand New,” the second track for their latest project Hit Me When U Leave The Klub: The Playlist (September 29), Lil Wayne delivered his typical, fiery lyricism on the song’s second verse. Full of acronyms and celebrity couple allusions, the verse stood out as one of the most impressive on the entire LP.

Eminem: "Nhạc rap giống như trị liệu tâm lý" | VTV.VN

You know not to test me like SAT
They pay me like RiRi, A-S-A-P
Hotter than AZ, cool as an AC
Yeah, my diamonds gon’ sing, like do-re-mi
Yeah, my diamonds gon’ dance, like my bro CB
And I pop two X, that’s Dos Equis
Yeah, brand new money, brand new hundreds
Got a bunch of zeros like a bag of new Funyuns

However, while the entire performance by Wayne was jaw-dropping, the last verse we included above was what had Eminem in awe. Taking to Twitter soon after the song’s release, Em tweeted about his amazement regarding the “Funyuns” lyric.

“Bro Wayne just said ‘got a bunch of zeros like a bag of new funyuns!!’” Em wrote. “FUCK why didn’t I think of that????”

Throughout each of their illustrious careers, Em and Wayne have only collaborated a handful of times. But, whether it was songs like “Forever” (2009) alongside Drake and Kanye West or “No Love” (2010), the duo never failed to live up to the hype attached to their collaborations.

Currently, Wayne is in the midst of a months-long rollout for his long-awaited Tha Carter VI album. To help get fans amped for the project, he decided to use his aforementioned Tha Fix Before Tha VI mixtape as a bit of a warm-up on Friday (Sept. 29), providing ten new songs for his most loyal fans. And, considering how tuned in he seems to be to Wayne’s most recent work, it would appear that Eminem can surely be bunched into that group.

Check out “Brand New” below.

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