Eminem Overtakes Led Zeppelin and Enters Top 10 Best Selling Artists of All Time

Marshall has been holding the title of the best selling rapper for awhile. Now he is officially one of 10 best selling artists from all genres and eras.

The ranking is built on the Chartmasters’ Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept. CSPC is their methodology that takes into account sales information for all artist’s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming to determine their true popularity. One of the advantages of this methodology is how well it reflects career longevity, responding to spikes of popularity on streaming services even for items from a back catalogue. Artists then can be ranked by the number of their EAS, equivivalent album sales.

Calssic artists whose popularity lasts for decades have a heavy weight argument of massive physical sales that, probably, would never reach that height for new streaming era artists. Eminem has both: high selling numbers of his physical albums and singles, evergrowing streaming numbers, and consistency.

That’s why Marshall has managed to push rock legends Led Zeppelin to No.11 and enter the Chartmasters Top 10. In 2020, Eminem made it to the Top 15 with over 181 million total EAS. In 2023 he broke into the Top 10 with over 207 million equivalent album sales amassed throughout his career.

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