Eminem Allegedly Has A Gay S*x Tape

Nick Cannon Makes A Curious Allegation That Eminem Has A Gay s*x Tape

Human s*xuality is always going to be a hot topic. No matter how you spin it, anyone cynical wants an A-List celebrity to have a gay scandal. As long as human s*xuality exists, we’re going to have homophobia – they will both be eternal. Ellen Degeneres coming out of the closet was international news, Elton John blew the lid off of the ‘70s, and while many of us in the “know” suspected it, Ricky Martin announcing he’s gay was mind blowing to his devoted tween girl fandom. Gay rumors will always make a headline and the next case is no exception. According to Mariah Carey’s less talented ex-husband, Nick Cannon, mega famous rapper, Eminem, has a gay s*x tape in existence.

Eminem Allegedly Has A Gay Sex Tape • Instinct Magazine

Quick backstory on why these petty queens have tussled for years: Eminem (allegedly) had a fling with Carey in what seems like decades ago. Carey was unphased by his possibly overwhelming crush and shut him down with one of her Billboard bops, Obsessed. Yes, “And I was like, ‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’” isn’t a Tina Fey Mean Girls reference, but a song about Eminem. Eminem would go on to continue speaking about Carey years later, even during and after Cannon married, divorced, and had children with Carey.

Cannon, currently hostingThe Masked Singer, now craving relevancy, releases a diss track against Eminem yesterday and a music video to YouTube. (Yes, that is Cannon above who is wearing an anti-bullying t-shirt. Ironic.) The song features repeat criminal, Suge Knight, and seemingly drops a polite threat towards Eminem to stop speaking about Cannon and to halt whatever other petty drama these grown men have gotten themselves into. A minute into the song, Cannon makes allegations that Eminem was caught on camera by a driver giving fellatio to a man. He then says Eminem paid hush money to the driver so he wouldn’t squeal. Cannon’s exact quote is:

Is Eminem Gay Or Not ? Truth You Need To Know

“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you sucking a cock. You paid him off, then laid him off.”

Cannon took to his Twitter account to announce Eminem’s lawyers have been contacting him since the song’s release containing the allegations. Does this make the allegations seem more factual? Eminem, who goes by his birth name Marshall Mathers on social media, retorted by saying Cannon is lying, he’s never had a chauffeur, and his gardener is now jealous.

What might make your eyebrows raise is the amount of support for one of these men over the other. Cannon putting salt into Eminem’s wound was met with less than a thousand likes on Twitter, while Eminem’s comeback received over a quarter of a million likes – just within a day. I think it’s safe to say which side the people are on. Check out their tweets below:

While Eminem has dropped some gay slurs in his previous recordings, he apologized in September of last year and is frequently seen hanging out with Elton John, including performing with him. Cannon, on the other hand, may have been married to a gay icon – Carey – but he certainly hasn’t been a friend to the LGBTQ community, especially when he aggressively supported comedian Kevin Hart after he was shamed into dropping out of hosting The Academy Awards last year due to past severe homophobic statements. This isn’t looking too good for Cannon, but it doesn’t appear he cares about any LGBTQ fans he has left – if any.

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