Emilia Clarke Shares Unexpected Secret Behind Her Game of Thrones Performance

Former Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke shares the surprising detail why Dahnery looked so stiff.

More than four years have passed since, with its eighth season, Game of Thrones came to an end. The series marked a before and after in the history of television, and it continues to make history with the expansion of its universe with productions such as House of the Dragon, and other projects that will arrive in the future.

Game of Thrones was not only extremely significant for HBO, but also for a large part of the actors and actresses who participated in it. While some were already established stars, others found their way to fame thanks to the critically acclaimed series, propelling their careers to the top.

In fact, for some of the leads, being a part of the series was a lot of pressure due to the enormous popularity they gained for their roles. For example, Emilia Clarke was extremely nervous about bringing Daenerys Targaryen to life, so much so that she ended up incorporating a physical detail she didn’t expect.

Speaking to ComicBook.com while promoting her MCU debut with Secret Invasion, Clarke shared an unexpected secret behind Khaleesi’s posture:

“People often spoke about Khaleesi’s very straight back being very good posture. I was a terrified 22-year-old. My mama told me to sit up straight, so I did. And then you’re stuck with it. I didn’t know I was going to go on for 10 years.”

Daenerys Targaryen was one of the main characters of the series, with one of the most important and striking plot arcs in the entire work of George R. R. Martin, starting as a young woman lost in a world dominated by men in search of power, to becoming one of the most powerful people in all of Westeros, even when her ending was not the one many fans expected.

Emilia Clarke Leaves Game of Thrones Behind

Despite the obvious importance Khaleesi’s role had in her life and career, Emilia Clarke is ready to leave Game of Thrones behind and move on to another huge franchise.

On June 21, the actress will debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as G’iah, daughter of Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn. She, like her father, will join Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to try to stop the imminent Skrull invasion that Earth is undergoing.

The cast of Secret Invasion is completed by Don Cheadle, Martin Freeman, Cobie Smulders, Olivia Coleman and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

The MCU and Game of Thrones were not the only big sagas in which she was a part of. In 2015 she starred in Terminator: Genesys playing no other than the legendary Sarah Connor. In 2018 she joined the Star Wars world as Qi’ra, one of the main characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Earlier this year, The Pod Generation debuted at Cannes Film Festival, Clarke’s latest film which she also produced. The story centered around a couple that uses future technology in order to be able to start a family.

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